Best Document Management Software 2017

Top Document Management Software for 2017: A typical business environment has many documents created every now and then by different functions for varying requirements. While some documents are purely internal some are shared externally with suppliers and clients. Some documents are created for documentation sake and some documents travel up and down the hierarchy for approval or clearance purposes. Whatever may be the per day document load or the very purpose of the document, the fact remains that they need to be stored properly for auditing and recovery purposes in the future.

Maintaining high quantity of paperwork manually is tough, though not impossible. However, this may lead to errors and misplacement since after all, it is human beings handling them. The secure way to handle document properly is through Document Management Software available for the same. Let us have a look at the Best Document Management Software of 2017.

The top five Document Management Software are:

1. M-Filesm-files

M-Files is a Document Management System that is highly user-friendly allowing the user to work in a known environment like the Windows Explorer. The software is designed in a simple manner to help the users to operate the same with ease. The document search options provided in the software is amazingly fast tracing any document required quickly saving time. E-Mail notification feature takes care of constant updating of documents in the system.

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2. eFileCabinetefilecabinet

Considered as one of the best Document Management Software, eFileCabinet accommodates itself to be used in various kinds of industries like healthcare, accounting, religion, manufacturing, education, banking, finance and insurance. One of the features focuses in confidentiality in documents sharing between stakeholders adding value to the system. The advanced search option features a version control of documents helping all stakeholders keep themselves updated of all the key happening in the organization.

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3. Ademeroademero

This Document Management Software can cater to any business irrespective of their sizes. The software comes with scanning and printing option integrated into it. The file structure followed in the software is very similar to the one used in Windows and this makes users comfortable right from the first moment they work on this software. User role wise access restrictions can be provided by the supervisor or administrator in Ademero Document Management Software.

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4. docSTARdocstar

The unique feature of this Document Management Software is to access data from any location it is in. The Auto-Indexing feature files documents in a clear cut manner helping in OCR and barcode generation activities. Rules have been set for approval of documents and the software sends intimation messages to all stakeholder on the status of particular documents at all points of time.

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5. FileCenterfilecenter

The built in strong OCR system in this Document Management System helps users draw out a type of information in the required manner at any point of time. The advanced search options help the users to search for particular files through the built-in preview option.

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Go in for an effective Document Management Software system and manage your documents in a highly systematic manner.