Best DJ Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 DJ Apps: These days our phone lets us do everything we can imagine. Playing DJ previously required us to have a huge console or at least software that runs on a computer. But now, you can be a DJ and play the console as much as you like just with your iPhone. It is as exciting as it sounds and you will love playing DJ on your iPhone.

There are many apps that let you do so but below are the 5 DJ apps for iPhone that are much better than the other ones. If you would like to try your hands on a virtual DJ console, install these apps immediately.

Djay 2

dJay 2 App for iPhone 7

This is among the first few DJ apps for iPhone in the App store. It has kept its users interested by adding new features constantly. Recently, it got a major overhaul with drum pads and some extra features as well. One of the best features of the app is the Spotify integration which means you can directly mix and match from any song on Spotify. You would need an internet connection for this feature.

Download Djay 2 for iPhone

Cross DJ

Cross DJ app for iPhone 7

You will find very few DJ apps that cost you nothing yet are so good, Cross DJ falls in this category. Although there are in-app purchases and a paid version, even the free one offers you a lot of features. The interface looks quite sleek and it is filled with controls that you will love using. Anyone who is using such app for the first time will be delighted with how easy it is to use.

Download Cross DJ for iPhone

Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ App for iPhone 7

If you have used DJ software tools in PC before you might know Traktor since it is a famous DJ software for PC/Mac. However, it has come up with a cool new app that offers almost all the features of the software. If you are looking to connect some instruments with the app, it is possible with Traktor DJ. There are many effects that can make your music mixing experience better in the app.

Download Traktor DJ for iPhone

DJ Player

DJ Player App for iPhone 7

DJ Player is a free DJ app for iPhone that offers you a lot more features than some of the other DJ apps can’t. The library sorting that the app offers cannot be matched and the Midi controller is USB compliant as well. The app has a partnership with Deezer which is also a popular streaming service such as Spotify and Pandora.

Download DJ Player for iPhone


Pacemaker app for iPhone 7

Pacemaker is an app that is targeted towards Casual DJs and those who are using a DJ app for the first time. The interface is very simple and doesn’t have many features that could confuse you. Some people might feel that the app has compromised features just to make it simple but Pacemaker majorly aims to please those who have never used such an app. Thus, it succeeds in what it was intended for and is a decent DJ app.

Download Pacemaker for iPhone