Best Diigo Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Diigo 2017: Using Diigo, you can save and tag your online resources for a later use anytime and anywhere. It helps you to annotate web pages and PDFs for reference purposes as you browse online. There are other tools also lets you to organize your links, annotations and input giving you a structure of what you save in it same like Diigo. Let’s explore some of the Diigo alternatives:

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Using this Diigo alternatives, the user can create a project to-do list, create end number of reminders, take a picture, make a sketch, and you can access all of those from anywhere in the world. Everything you capture using this app will be available for you to access from any device.

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This Diigo alternatives is not completely a bookmarking site, but it acts as one through a toolbar which you install on your PC. After installation, you can now save your links and other content you browse on the web. You can even access your pal’s content through this tool.

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Google Bookmarks

Through this Diigo alternatives, the users can in a traditional way can store their bookmarks in their Google account and access the stored website at a later time. The tool also offers the user to import their bookmarks for security purposes.

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Using this Diigo alternatives users can save bookmarks with just one click, you can even search your stored websites with any keyword for any particular text, and you can even take page snapshots of the web pages that you bookmark or save, and also share your bookmarks with the world.

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With this Diigo alternatives, the users can save their interesting articles, videos, web pages, song lyrics or anything else that you come across while browsing. Using this tool, you can save, read and also manage the things that you find interesting on the internet.

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This tool also features a fast, no nonsense bookmarking site for people who require high level privacy and super speed in their work. The tool also does not feature any ads or third party tracking. The tool also features a bookmarking service using which you can save your work for later purposes.

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With this tool, you can store images, documents and other web related content through a bookmarklet. All the bookmarks are displayed as thumbnails on the application. The tool also features tagging for your reference purposes.

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This social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. Using this tool, the users can also publicize their tags and bookmarks for other people use, on their websites.

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This tool offers you with share buttons using which you can share to your friends and relatives, and you can also connect the app to social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. You can also follow buttons to build your audience for your content.

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Using this Diigo alternatives, the users can save anything from the web directly to their Dropbox account for a later use. The app can also be downloaded and used on mobile phones. And the app is available for completely free with no costs involved.