Best DigitalOcean Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Digital Ocean to try in 2017, Most of the businesses start with shared hosting but as the traffic increases and the technical experience increases, they tend to switch to VPS. Virtual Private Server is a hosting service which provides dedicated bandwidth, processor, memory and disk space for a website and full control over its server. Essentially, every website is hosted on a VPS on a powerful hardware and other websites have no impact on the performance of your website although they might be on the same physical machine.  It is generally priced on the higher side than a shared server hosting system and there is a need to have the technical prowess to maintain the server. VPS is essential for your website if your site is attracting heavy traffic and requirements have tilted towards having a reliable, secure website and full access to your server.

One of the best VPS hosting service provider is DigitalOcean. If you are on the lookout for better offerings, then keep reading to find out some other attractive options.

InMotion VPS Hosting

InMotion is considered as one of the best VPS service providers and it attracts users from all over the world. It offers best services at a reasonable price. The key offerings are free SSD arranged in RAID 6 for 20 times faster hosting , free server management, unlocked CPU cores, disk space from 60 GB to 200 GB SSD, high availability, CPANEL and CentOS 6 Enterprise class Linux. However, it is only for Linux based VPS servers.



Vultr is a relatively new VPS provider offering faster servers, cheaper than DigitalOcean and lower latency.  They are also offering Windows and CPanel as other options.



If you are the on the lookout for a VPS but do not have much knowledge about managing your own servers, then CLoudWays is the best option. They offer a managed software stack on top of Amazon, Google, Vultr or DigitalOcean. It offers other additional features which can help you to save money.



Linode is a key competitor of DigitalOcean. They offer SSD Linux server, load balance feature which is not offered by many other providers. And if you are looking for a Linux based environment then Linode is the best contender.


Amazon AWS

One of the big competitors in the market, it is popular among users as it offers free usage for 12 months.


1 & 1 Web Hosting

1&1 VPS offers essential services for your website that includes automatic backup and unlimited traffic. You can choose between Linux or Windows based servers with up to 12 GB of RAM and 400 GB storage.



BlueHost offers attractive features, best customer service. You can choose between 2-4 CPU cores and 4-16 GB of RAM.  The key benefits of BlueHost are flexibility, recovery and maintenance.


Another popular cloud provider in the world offering high speeds, excellent customer support and ease of use.


There are other notable mentions like HostGator, Arvixe, Media Temple and Dreamhost. All these VPS provides offer reliable service with virtually no downtime, self-healing clouds and cost effective service.