Best Cycling Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Cycling Apps: Riding Cycles has been the favorite hobby of many people over the ages. Besides the obvious benefits of improving your stamina and helping you lose weights, doing regular cycles can also keep you in shape. Regular Cyclists are often looking out for new technology to improve their cycling experiences with a number of iOS Apps specifically made to do the same.

These apps help you a lot in tracking your route, distance covered your speed, number of calories burnt and more. These are the best Cycling apps you can download on your iPhone:

Cyclemeter GPS

Cyclemeter GPS app for iphone 7

Cyclemeter is one of the most comprehensive fitness apps you will find on the App Store. This app uses your iPhone’s GPS features to help provide you with a number of information including your speed, travel time and distance covered among others. With a number of extensive workouts also including in the app, this app can also function as your Virtual Training Partner. The app includes options for built-in announcements so as to let you concentrate on riding the bike instead of keeping your eyes on your iPhone.

Download Cyclemeter GPS from here

Bike Gear Calculator

Bike Gear Calculator app for iphone 7

This app is more aimed at the advanced bikers who would want the more out of their bike rides. The app, from Matixsoft, allows you the option to compare the different gear ratios on your bike. It is necessary for most advanced riders to optimize their cycle set-up to bring the best out of the cycle. The app is very slick in looks and allows you to enter a number of variables including tire width, crank length and wheel size to optimize the bikes according to their needs.

Download Bike Gear Calculator App from here


Strava app for iphone 7

Another popular GPS Cycling app available across the iOS App Store is the Strava App. This app allows you to track the number of logging functions and riding stats such as speed, time traveled, distance covered, calories burnt and more. This app also allows you to upload all the stats to your Strava Profile online to compare with your friends and other cyclists on a similar course.

Download Strava App from here

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner app for iphone 7

The Bike Hub is brilliant journey planning app for your cycling tours. This app will help you to plan your trail route between the selected start and finish. The app will not only use proper motorways roads but also include permitted cycle paths to provide you with different options also. You can choose between a number of options including the quickest route to the longest route on the app. The app also provides a function to search for bike shops near you.

Download Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner from here

Map My Ride

Map My Ride app for iphone 7

One of the original ride-logging service app launched was the Map My Ride app. Like the Strava app, Map My Ride also records a number of your riding information including your speed, distance covered and time traveled beside others and will upload it to their servers to compare with other people on similar courses and get help with detailed analysis from professionals.

Download Map My Ride from here