Best CyanogenMod Alternatives 2017

Alternative to CyanogenMod 2017: CyanogenMod is the practice version of the operating system in Android. It compromises of improved version than Google and is capable of providing more attributes and even more grip for the user of hardcore. It may also appear more like one of those practice interfaces that users get with phones. Some of the best CyanogenMod alternatives are as follows:


AOSB is an unbelievable, rich presented ROM bearing some outstanding and borrowed features from many different custom firmware. The utmost features are the OTA provision, which permits you to update your firmware without the requisite of again flashing the ROM files.

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Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android offers a full set of customization selections for the best possible mobile practice from the user interface methods to app colors and also themes. It allows one of the features to completely change the user interface to fulfill your needs. Multi-tasking qualities power the firmware.

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CarbonRom is one of the aftermarket firmware which is based on the Android Open Source Project. The firm is devoted to quick, steady, and also vibrant feature ROMs, and honesty with the code. The firm likes frequent builds, with the progressive and utmost hardware maintenance and fixes.

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This CyanogenMod alternatives is a featured-pack with plenty of privacy and also security attributes such as MiCloud Messaging which offers private messaging and also safe PIN feature to protect the private messages. MIUI takes the customization to completely new level by providing thousands of modified themes.

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OmniROM has the flexibility, innovation, usefulness, and many such new features. It is the project by the well-identified crowds of the XDA communal who began this program development in response to the commercialization of the CyanogenMod ROM.

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SlimROMs are slim in size and consist of powerful features. USPs is one of the slim ROM’s which the developers try to maintain in most of the contemporary devices. This permits users are persisting a low-range of Android devices to get a safe, marvelous custom alternative for their device.

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Remix OS

Remix OS is an accustomed version of the Android that can consecutively run virtually to any PC. It remakes the Android into working of the desktop framework, comprehensive with requests running in the windows, a Start menu, taskbar, desktop, and notice series.

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OxygenOS leftovers faithful to the objective of bringing a pure Android involvement with the powerful improvement features that you have come to assume from OnePlus like the off-screen motions and the customizable buttons are built right in, but you won’t find any needless tricks.

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Here is another lightweight CyanogenMod alternatives. Replicant is totally free Android flow running on insufficient devices, also a free programming multipurpose working outline putting the prominence on suppleness and security.

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BlissROM deals up with many of the elements of some other ROM available. You could even spend many months testing with essentials and do have more to go. BlissROM is an Open-Source, and its inventers are repeatedly creating and do experiments with the new workings inside the ROM. BlissROM endures everything pleasing.