Best Cross Platform Password Manager 2017

Best Cross Platform Password Managers to Try in 2017: We live in the age of internet and most of the work these days is done via online. Every day, we need to deal with different services and applications where we need to input a username and password.

Sometimes due to security reasons we cannot keep the same password for everything we operate digitally. In such cases, we either move towards saving password while accessing application or services online or we prefer to maintain a file where passwords are stored.

Due to this requirement of keeping your list of passwords safe and secure, people are looking for alternate options to store their passwords. In such cases, one can prefer choosing a cross-platform password manager installed on your device that can help you keep a long list of password safe and secure.

Let us have a list of best cross-platform password manager with different options.

The Top Cross Platform Password Managers are



LastPass has been a great password manager used for keeping your essential password safe inside an encrypted vault. It also provides you with the option to keep the updated passwords in sync with the previously saved file.

You can change your web application passwords without logging on the website as well.

Download LastPass

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DashlaneAnother prominent free password manager application is Dashlane. It is quite simple to use and provides easy auto-login logout option, and also keeps track of your orders online.

It also gives you an ability to access your account anytime. Additionally, it also notifies the account holder if the website is hacked and allows resetting the password using built-in interface.

It supports a multitude of platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android and has several plugin support for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Download Dashlane

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It is a perfect application for those who are looking for a free and open source password manager product. One of the key aspects of this application is that it keeps an encrypted database which allows you to sync, upload and transfer files from one machine to another.

It is a portable application and allows you to change passwords anytime from anywhere. One can share access to the passwords to privileged users.

Download KeePass

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1PasswordLooking for much secure and powerful password manager which is easy to use and works seamlessly on all platforms? 1Password is considered to be one of the most popular and loved application.

It allows you to configure unique and strong passwords. It can be used to configure and sync information on the website and can be used to sync your vault to network or online shared folders.

Download 1Password