Best Contact Management Software 2017

Top Contact Management Software: Networking is a key aspect which takes any business towards success in a consistent manner. Right from the contact of a key person who is the ultimate decision-maker to the mid-level employee of an organization, being in touch with the person for various needs satisfies all business needs at any point of time.

Beyond a point when one’s people network expands, it becomes unmanageable to touch base with everyone at the right time every time. This is a Herculean task which requires mammoth effort. However, a software can handle such things in a more matured and systematic manner since they don’t get bogged down from responsibilities from all sides. Let us ave a look at the best Contact Management Software for 2017 which can ease out people’s life in a huge manner.

The top five Contact Management Software for 2017 are:

1. InfusionSoftinfusionsoft

Founded in the year 2011, InfusionSoft is considered as one of the best Contact Management Software in the market today. InfusionSoft is software designed to suit the needs of various types of customers. They offer extensive support to the ever increasing number of contacts in a typical business scenario with huge database setup. It comes in 4 different types of subscription models namely Essentials, Deluxe, Complete, and Team. These models differ in features and cost.

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2. NetSuitenetsuite

NetSuite is one of the industry pioneers as far as Contact Management Software are considered. This is a company founded in 1998 and since then have gained extensive knowledge about differing customer requirements. NetSuite software has all this experience packed into it making it one of the top choices of Contact Management Software. The best aspect of NetSuite is the innumerable videos that are created as a part of this software which guides its users in using every tool in an easy and quick manner.

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3. Sagesage

Another Contact Management software which has been in practice since 1981, Sage addresses contact management requirement of customers effectively. Sage boasts of enabling its customer to use these contacts for their Project Management targeted marketing and e-mail marketing efforts. This value addition is of tremendous use to the customers. Its capability to integrate with the commonly used platform by many companies around the world is its greatest strength.

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4. SalesForcesalesforce

This cloud-based Customer Management Software was found in the year 1999. Known more as a Customer Management Software, this application enables many activities of the marketing department like mergers and acquisition, tracking the status of deals and lead management. Its compatibility with Microsoft exchange and g-mail makes it easy to operate and work with.

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5. Zohozoho

This Contact Management Software which was born in the year 2005 has 20 million users across the globe. Zoho Contact Management Software is more than what it appears to be. It supports key activities of Finance, Human Resource Development, Sales and Marketing departments apart from effectively managing huge customer databases.

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Choose the perfect Contact Management Software for your business and help yourself to make the fullest use of your valuable contacts.