Best cm13 Themes 2017

List of Best cm13 themes of the year 2017: CynogenMod is one of the most popular custom ROMs for the Android devices. The users of CM13 basically love the customization features it gives to the users.  It supports themes and has all the elements of your device interface revamped on the screen. Be it the status bar, notification panel, fonts, icons, or anything else, the look is changed. A number of themes are available for CynogenMod users. If you are one of its users then here is the list of best CM13 themes for you. You can definitely try these themes on your CynogenMod device.

1. Dark Material


It is one of the popular dark themes for CM13 users.  Now, another dark theme names – ‘Blacked Out’ is merged with it and the look & feel of this theme has been totally changed. It has gone better than the previous version. The minimalistic icons and the cool dark look of CM are adorable. It also adds the overlay to third party apps. It also has a grey-black infusion look.

2. Material Glass


If you love the transparent interface elements then this theme will be loved by you. This theme ensures that everything is kept transparent. You can easily see the wallpaper from the home screen in every app and the interface. You can set any wallpaper on your device and it will become the vital part of each page in the OS.

3. Swift Dark


It is surely one of the best dark themes for CM13. It is quite unlike the Dark Material theme, which gives a clearer black look throughout the UI. It also brings a good balance between the black and the colorful elements in your OS. You will surely love the look of your interface after changing to this theme. It also receives regular updates for supporting the new apps.

4. Coalfield


Like many other themes in this list, Coalfield gives a unique style to the system elements and themes a range of third party applications. But, the best thing about this theme is that it allows the users to select between different theme variants with ease. So, if you are tinkering over the device interface, you will love plenty of options it offers for the UI elements.

5. Euphoria


You will definitely fall in love with Euphoria theme for your CM13. If you love Euphoria OS Custom ROM then this theme is worth installing. It might appear to be darker than other themes, but what makes it stand out is that the developer has ensured to theme particular elements. This brings a more refined look to the interface. The fonts look stunning.

6. Flux


Are you confused between a light or dark theme? The Flux theme for your CM13 will get you covered. This theme is a popular theme available in lighter as well as darker version. It brings a modern look to the CynogenMod. It doesn’t theme all the apps but themes most of the popular apps. The theme has got a good design and detailed graphics.