Best CBR Software 2017

Top CBR Software for 2017: Comic books are generally loved part with the current youth culture and are equally important as that of movies. But for the most part, these books are stored in a way that is truly hard to open unless one possesses right tool. To simplify the battle of viewing comics on your PC we have listed the top five CBR of 2017.

What are CBR Software and its importance?

Comic Book Reader software are the ones that can understand CBR format and can help you read the e-version of the most loved comic. Reading paper comics is fun, yet if you need to take a ton of incredible reads with you on your tablet, or read your most loved titles on your PC’s screen, you require strong comic reader software.

The top five CBR software are:



It is most basic comic reader. The UI is extremely natural and the system supports CBZ and CBR version. The best component of this tool is the auto correction of brightness. This is exceptionally useful in the event that you are managing files of low to medium quality. It can open in enlarge made, under width & height, permits you to include bookmarks, run comics in a slideshow, and much more.

Download CDisplayEx

Ice cream book Reader


It is a straightforward comic book reader with a rich and simple interface to explore. Users can arrange their own particular comics in libraries include bookmarks, select the color plan of the UI for the best experience. The user can check their status of the last read, zoom all through pages, and save them to their top picks as required.

Download Ice Cream Book reader



It is a comic book reader that can support RAR, CBZ, CBR, PDF, and ZIP format and has an agreeable interface with expanded features. This reader can likewise organize comics from your PC into your own library. It supports full-screen reading mode, hotkeys, expansion of bookmarks and multiple other valuable components.

Download ComicRack



It is an open source tool that is lightweight and doesn’t need to be installed and hence is portable. It can show the comics in single and double page mode, work in full-screen mode and can navigate to any desired pages, and offers a considerable measure of settings, like screen resolution, scroll settings, and much more.

Download MComix



It is a CBR and CBZ reader that likewise supports opening pictures without any installation. It has slideshow mode, hotkeys, different channels, the change of pictures for the required size, and 3 comic showcase modes. Everything is profoundly instinctive; there is an adjustable slideshow mode, the likelihood to rotate pictures, include bookmarks, copy and paste the content and other advantageous elements.

Download MangaMeeya

Above listed software’s have their advantages and disadvantages; some are lightweight however not that instinctive, others are pleasant to work with yet restricted.Chooses the right one that suits your need and can help you read your favorite comics in the most convenient way.