Best Camtasia Alternatives 2017

Camtasia is a software suite which is developed for instructional designers. The software is especially designed for beginners, who are interested in video blogging and video tutorials. The software facilitates the user to create and record videos via screencast and direct plug-in. Camtasia allows the user to modify the captured audio and videos individually. Camtasia offers 90 days free trial period which allows the user to discover the premium software. But later the selling price of 299 USD puts off many customers who are not regularly making videos. Such customers may certainly look for many efficient Camtasia Alternatives available without compromising on quality:


CamStudio is a Windows based freeware, which is must for occasional instruction designers. The software can record on-screen and audio activity on the computer to form AVI files. The software can also convert these files into Streaming Video Files for online streaming.


EzVid is another Camtasia alternatives which is again Windows based freeware. The software is able to record and edit the screen captures up to 45 minutes length. The tutorials and video cannot be exported but can be uploaded directly.

Expression Encoder

Expression Encoder is a shareware developed by Microsoft for Windows based systems. The software is able to record screencast with simultaneous webcam video and audio recording. It has Audio Overlay feature which enables the user to add the voice later. Its free version allows a video upload up to 10 minutes, for longer uploads up gradation is required.


Jing is a shareware, developed by the same developer TechSmith and is ideal for smaller projects. The software allows capturing screencast and audio simultaneously. The work produced can be uploaded on web, shared on social sites and saved on computer. The software needs upgradation to upload the videos longer than 5 minutes.


Screencast-O-Matic is another Camtasia alternatives which is web based shareware available for both Windows and Mac based systems without downloading. This is an online alternative which allows an easy publishing of videos up to 15 minutes. The videos can be directly recorded using webcam with limited customization. For longer video uploads, software up gradation is required.


Webinaria is a freeware for Windows based systems. The software allows recording and publishing the videos as flash files only. There is no limit for the video size that can be uploaded. It is one of the best Camtasia alternatives for limitless uploading. The uploaded video can be saved on your computer, and it can also be watched at official Webinaria site. The software has feature to edit and add text inputs in videos.

There are several software’s available for both Windows and Mac based systems. It is important that the end user analyzes the features provided by many Camtasia alternatives and decides upon the most suitable. The alternatives may not offer the entire features but must solve individual’s requirements. For entrepreneurs, budget is always a major concern so it is an important to decide whether they need a long video uploading software or a smaller video uploading software with more features. The proper estimation of video requirements and software features will ease the selection of Camtasia alternatives.