Best Browsers for Ubuntu 2017

[Best Ubuntu Web Browser] Selecting the browser for your Ubuntu machine depends on your choice and preference. A browser is an application used for surfing the internet and lets you access different websites.

Most of the browsers let you do specific tasks such as downloading a file, accessing your favorite website, helping you access different domains, play games and watch videos. Below is the list of the best browsers for Ubuntu 2017.

The Top Ubuntu Web Browsers are


ChromiumOne of the most popular browsers in Ubuntu or any Linux machine is Chrome or Chromium browser. It has all the features that you need in a browser. It is an open source version of Chrome and distributed in most of the Linux distributions. One can download and install Chromium easily from the Google Chrome official website.

Download Chromium


FirefoxFirefox remains as one of the most preferred browsers of all time especially for open source operating systems such as Ubuntu. It is an open source browser and contains thousands of plugins which give it an additional feature. It is distributed by Mozilla in different OS distributions of Linux. Firefox is easy to download and install. It is a fast paced browser. The key aspect of Firefox is that the Mozilla open source community keeps updating the version of the browser for both open source distributions and paid distributions as well so one can enjoy an updated version of this software anytime by simply downloading it from Mozilla Firefox website.

Download Firefox


OperaAnother browser that has been released in Firefox distributions is Opera. It is an open source browser and consists of different features, extensions, and plugins which let you get all the benefits of a browser application. The stable version of Ubuntu is available and one can download its repository free of cost.

Download Opera


VivaldiVivaldi could be a surprising name in the list of browsers for Ubuntu but the name has been included mainly because of positive reviews associated with this browser. One of the key aspects of Vivaldi is that it has gained a stable version release and people have started using this browser for carrying out various essential browsing tasks. If you spend a lot of time accessing the web then you would require a browser which lets you capture all the personal things and also gives you the required functionality and flexibility that you crave. In such cases, Vivaldi is the best browser especially designed to meet your needs.

Download Vivaldi