Best Bookmark Managers 2017

Best Bookmark Manager tools for 2017: The bookmarks are always handy for anyone who loves to save a good bit of information from around the web. These bookmarks have become the irreplaceable elements of the internet browsing community.

Though most of the browsers provide you with the bookmark extensions, but most of them leave you when it comes to organizing the bookmarks. In these cases, the bookmark managers come handy.

Here we have the list of some of the best bookmark managers of the year.

The Top Bookmark Managers for 2017 are

Save to Pocket

Save to PocketIt is a stunning application that can be used easily over different devices. Just a single click on the ‘tick’ icon and the link will be saved automatically to your profile with can later be accessed easily. To access it more easily, you have the option to send the link of the bookmarked web page to your mail id.

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XmarksOne of the coolest things about this bookmark manager is that it allows you using it on different platforms and web browsers. It is a marvelous solution for organizing all your important bookmarks after saving them. It also makes the synching and the backing up of data quick.

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DeliciousIt is one of the most popular bookmark managers you will come across as it lets you manage your social media and bookmarks altogether. You can even share your bookmarks with others on your social media profiles. Moreover, the private bookmarks can also be managed through this awesome bookmark manager.

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Google Bookmarks

Google BookmarksThis is the official bookmark manager by Google and is a handy tool too. You only need is its chrome extension if you use Google Chrome very often. Its extension will allow you to manage all your bookmarks without hassles.

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Neater Bookmarks

Neater BookmarksIt is the bookmark manager extension for the Google Chrome users which allows you to manage the tags and web pages too. This tool is efficient enough to manage your bookmarks in a compact manner.

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Owncloud Bookmarks

Owncloud BookmarksThis tool makes it easier to organize the bookmarks. Your bookmarks are organized and saved as per the categories. This saves your time as next time you don’t have to go through the complete list of bookmarks. You will get a sorted list based on your choice.

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