Best Blogging Platforms 2017

Best blogging platforms to start a blog in 2017: Are you looking for a good blogging platform but not able to figure out which one is the best? It is indeed a tough choice to make with several platforms available in the market.

Blogging platforms are one of the most effective solutions that can be opted for the creation of beautiful and attractive blogs. To help individuals make the right choice we have brought forth popular blogging platforms below.

The Top Blogging Platforms are


WordPressIt is an open source platform with the help of which one can build a website of their own. It is a self-hosted solution, which means user will have to register with WordPress hosting provider and thus get on with the process of creating blog. With this blogging platform, the user has complete control over his blog to frame a website of their expectations and requirements.

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BloggerBlogger is a free blogging platform which was acquired by Google in the year 2003. It offers its users with easy ways to create blogs. Thus users are not required to be tech savvy, instead, they can just follow simple steps and in no time create a beautiful and engaging blog over the web. This is not all; being the platform of Google it can be trusted and relied on for its services.

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TumblrIt is slightly different than usual blogging platforms. It is a micro blogging platform which has social networking features imbibed within it. It has various features like following other blogs, built-in share tools, reblogging etc. One of the best things about the platform is, it is available for free and can be used by users with utter comfort because of its easy user interface.

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MediumMedium was launched in the year 2012 which has over the time grown in popularity and demand between writers, bloggers, experts etc. It is an easy platform with certain social networking features incorporated within it. While drafting blogs using medium, user is not required to possess coding skills, they can just concentrate on their writing skills. Designing and creation of a website are all taken care of by the blogging platform.

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SquarespaceIt is a blog building service, using which users can easily build up blogs by choosing drag and drop features. The platform main focus is to cater the needs of small business owners, who don’t have a huge amount of budget but are looking for options to create budget friendly blogs on the web.

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