Best Backup Apps for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Backup Apps: Everyone buy a computer to work and then to save the work which can be so much important and a data of work can be the backbone of the entire business due very precious files stored in it, but unfortunately sometimes data can be lost, after all, a computer is a machine. But if you have information about something which can provide you the entire lost data back then you will feel free. So here you need to know if you are using MAC 2017 on your computer then it will be so easy to recover the lost data back.

There are few backup recovery applications which you can install in your MAC 2017 and you will be able to get your data back at the same location in your computer.

What is backup app?

A backup app makes a copy of your Mac’s hard drive data and stores it in a safe place so that you can be able to access those data files if you lose that. You just need to install any backup recovery app on your MAC and it will start working.

Best 5 backup apps:

Following is the list which will tell you about 5 best backup apps for your MAC 2107.

Data Backup 3.1.1

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Data backup 3.1.1 is a powerful tool to recover your data. It helps you by data backup, data recovery, synchronising the data by providing you an effortless process.

  • It saves your time by the fast process of data backup.
  • You can run scheduled backup with this app.
  • App will create backup files automatically if the user doesn’t want to make any schedule for data.

Download Data Backup 3.1.1 for MAC

iBackup 7.3.1




This is the best backup and recovery app for small storage recovery of your music, pictures etc. it is very easy to use and simple to understand.

  • It can make a classification of backup files.
  • The user can achieve any kind of file by this.

Download iBackup 7.3.1 for MAC

Backup manager 1.0

backup_manager_for_mac-260247-1247553447 (1)

One of the best app for backup of your data. It makes you able to create folders, edit or delete according to your need.

  • It can provide web data also.
  • Fast and easy to use tool

Download Backup manager 1.0 for MAC

Memeo Backup 2.5


A backup tool to provide an instant and automatic process of data backup. It creates a backup of your data automatically so no need to make a schedule for data or to set it time by time.

Download Memeo Backup 2.5 for MAC

Retrospect 8.1.626.1


It is an easy and automatic backup app for your mac. Retrospect 8.1.626.1 is best for small offices, business and home use due to its easy user interface.

  • It is a very secure app for backups.
  • Fast in process and recovery.
  • The user can synchronise the entire data of the computer and then can easily recover.

Download Retrospect 8.1.626.1 for MAC