Best AWS Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Amazon AWS Cloud in 2017. Cloud is where the future of all businesses lies. It makes sense to move your business from shared hosting to cloud. One of the best cloud service provider is Amazon web services or AWS. AWS provides a variety of option to consumers with solid infrastructure, competitive pricing and a superb support system. But if you don’t want to be just a blip in the radar of Amazon, you can opt for equally good services provided by other companies. You can look into these AWS alternatives and choose one which appeals to you.



DigitalOcean is one of the best AWS Alternative with its powerful servers, lightning fast speed and awesome developer tools. The cloud instances in DO is referred to as droplets which can be deployed in just 55 seconds. It has made a whole lot of difference in the market with its intelligent strategies and the best cloud offerings. With an extensive support through tutorials and groups, you will never have to face an unresolved issue.

Linode Cloud Hosting


Linode is well known for its dependable Linux based hosting solutions. They offer Linux cloud hosting through high performing SSD servers along with services like quick deployment, data backups and service monitoring. The servers can be deployed in seconds with your choice of nodes and resources. The USP of Linode is its affordability, simplicity and reliability. So whether you are just starting or moving to the cloud, it is easy with Linode cloud service. Other features include 40 Gbps speed, quick processing, tutorials, and tools like API, CLI and StackScripts. With its reliable service, you can run everything smoothly with minimum fuss.



Rackspace is a leading cloud service provider with its superb technology and integrated tools. It can connect different clouds for an individual application or integrate multiple clouds for multiple applications. It also offers scalability for growing businesses with heavy traffic so that they can pay as they grow or an individual cloud for a tight security.

Microsoft Azure


Another powerful contender in the list of AWS alternatives is Azure. With Microsoft Azure, you can grow your business by leaps and bounds. This cloud based service can be used to develop any kind of product whether it deal with analytics or computing. You just bring your skills to the table and it will take care of the rest. It supports a huge number of operating systems, tools, frameworks, languages. You can also integrate your existing cloud service with the help of Azure Stack.

Google Cloud Platform


Google Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service provider, based on Linux. It offers a virtual infrastructure to users. It offers excellent performance and an ability to deal with easy and complex applications. You get a brilliant networking and a fast service with 99.995% uptime. Another nice feature is an accurate pricing calculator which will charge you as per your usage making it extremely affordable.

IBM SoftLayer


SoftLayer is another great AWS alternatives which delivers exceptional performance. You can customize the server’s configuration and get the flexibility you require. It is pre-loaded with tools and services to enable you to build an app aligned with your vision.

If you are looking for AWS alternatives, then all these cloud service providers are offering a variety of hosting plans. All are good choices and you can choose any one which fits your budget.