Best AR Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone 7 2017: If you have been following the Hollywood movies for the past 1-2 years, you would have seen the future of technology in the next 20-30 years. Those high-tech gadgets are the results of Augmented Reality which is going to change the way we look at things in the world.

To get a slight sneak peak of the future of Augmented Reality, a number of apps are available on the iOS App Store which helps you to enjoy this upcoming futuristic technology. With the help of these top Augmented Reality apps, you can enjoy the future today on your iPhone:

Acrossair Augmented Reality Browser

Acrossair Augmented Reality Browser for Iphone 7

This free iOS app is known as the Swiss Army Knife of Augmented Reality. While holding the phone horizontally in your hands, you are able to find out your location and provide you with features to select a layer to view the nearby restaurant, hotels, cinemas or any other such place to visit. Once you have successfully chosen your layer, you can use the camera viewfinder feature of the app to locate your favorite place nearby.

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder for iPhone 7

Whenever you go out for a game of Golf next, try to have Golfscape GPS Rangefinder installed on your device. This device helps to pinpoint your location on the golf course and helps you to reach the next hole. It can help to find up to 40 different mapped targets per hole and shows directions front, backward or the side of the green.


Spyglass for iPhone 7

Spyglass is one of the very useful tools for your outdoor activities as it acts like your augmented reality compass app. This app features a tactical GPS, which is of uttermost importance while trying to find your location. This GPS provides your current location coordinates in both Geo and military formats. The optical rangefinder feature of the app allows you to measure the distance between objects and also contains an MIL-SPEC compass. The compass updates the location in real time with the help of the azimuth circle.


Theodolite for iPhone 7

Theodolite acts as an electronic viewfinder for sportspeople who like to go on hikes and trips across the mountain area. Fitted with a compass, GPS tool, range finder, a very powerful zoom camera, the app is a perfect companion for people who are always on the go to different treks across the globe. For advanced users, the app is also fitted with a height calculator, heading position tracker and relative angles and distances to make sure you are never lost on your trails.


Stiktu for iPhone 7

Stiktu is an augmented reality graffiti app which allows you to scan nearby objects to add text and sketches to them. These objects can be anything from a magazine to posters and more. Whenever someone else scans the product you improved upon, they would be easily your sketches as virtual graffitis. Stiktu also allows you to share your graffiti creation on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and more as well.