15 Best Atom Themes 2017

Best atom themes of 2017: Atom is one of the newest and popular text editors that have revolutionized the text editing. This popular text editor is developed by Github and is packed with a numerous range of inbuilt packages that makes the editing really simple and intuitive. You can add beauty to the text editor by changing its theme every day. Here are some of the coolest atom themes of the year for you.

Clean UI

It is a modern dark UI theme that is packed with several new features. It has modified styles for the status bar and overlays along with the file scope lines and indicator dots in the tree view.

Download Clean UI

Nord Atom UI

It is a north-bluish, arctic clean, and a minimal theme having an elegant design. You can easily make non-obstructive smooth transitions for the UI components. It also provides you an optimized tab layout while using it in full width. Moreover, the theme has optimized styles for achieving the uniform and consistent UI experience.

Download Nord Atom UI


It is a dark pastel color gloomy type syntax theme for the atom. There are plenty of options available within the theme to enhance the user experience.

Download Gloom

Aurora Theme

This theme is deeply inspired by Aurora Boreal presenting a range of features to the atom users. The greenish look of the editor will be loved by you once you install this theme.

Download Aurora Theme

Ramda Theme

This syntax theme is completely based on Ramda REPL. You will love the larger ‘SF Mono’ font style that is used in this theme as the font size becomes slightly bigger than the original. Just install the theme package and run the editor.

Download Ramda Theme

Color Blind Wombat Dark Syntax

 It is the dark syntax theme specially designed for the color blind people. The main purpose of this theme is to allow the colorblind people differentiate the text very easily. It can work well with just any language supported by atom.

Download Color Blind Wombat Dark Syntax

Ariake Dark Syntax Theme

This is the dark syntax theme which is inspired by the 1000-year-old Japanese traditions and poetry. It is also the fork on theme ‘One Dark Syntax’. You will love the bigger font ‘Fira Mono’, which also matches with the theme UI.

Download Dark Syntax Theme

Flatwhite Syntax

It is the minimal light atom theme that has 5 colored backgrounds used for the code highlighting. You can use two color variants simultaneously. The inspiration for this theme is taken from the skin Alabaster. It even supports different languages.

Download Flatwhite Syntax

Github Atom Light Syntax

This is the Github’s official lightweight syntax theme for Atom UI. The white background is supported by multiple text colors in the code.

Download Atom Light Syntax

Nucleus Dark UI

It is the adaptable UI theme for this text editor having the syntax coloring at its core. This gives user interface a lucid feel. You might not the love the font.

Download Nucleus Dark UI

Atom Material UI

It is a dynamic material Atom theme that follows the Google Material guidelines. It supports a number of accent colors that can be chosen easily. It is available in both dark and light variants.

Download Atom Material UI

Seti UI

This is the dark interface theme which is created for the atom. It has subtle colors to please your eyes. Moreover, it includes new user configurable settings, custom file icons, and other features.

Download Seti UI


This theme is originally converted from TextMate theme by using TextMate Bundle Converter. It is the theme with modern design.

Download Monokai

Material Palenight Syntax

This is the elegant theme for the people who love Google’s MDL color palette. The theme makes use of ‘Ubuntu-Mono’ theme.

Download Palenight Syntax

Pristine UI

It is another dark UI theme. It also has modified styles for status bar and overlays beside the file scope lines and indicator dots in tree view.

Download Pristine UI