10 Best Atom Packages 2017

Best atom packages for developers: Atom is quite new, but many developers have fallen in love with this text editor created by Github. It comes with some built-in packages that help in easy editing. But, you may need some additional packages for development. Here are some of the best atom packages that any developer should try at least once.

Color Picker

This is the package that allows you to pick the colors. It works when your cursor is one the text on SASS/CSS/LESS file that has one of the following color formats – HeXa, RGB, HEX, HSL, RGBa, VEC3, VEC4, HSV, or HSVa. It also comes with the capability to convert between different formats.

Download Color Picker


Emmet is another great package that you need to install. It helps you to expand the abbreviations and wrap them too. You can work faster when writing in CSS, SaSS, HTML, or LESS syntax. Its cheat sheet will help you learn Emmet’s abbreviation format.

Download Emmet


If you are well accustomed to the Sublime Text, you would be familiar to the mini preview on the right of the window. This feature is very helpful in scrolling through the source codes that are too long to fit inside window height. You can set the position, on/off code highlights, and do a lot more things after installing this package in the atom.

Download Minimap


This package will turn your messy code cleaner and readable. It has ultimate support for different programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Ruby, Python, Java, C#, C++, C, Objective-C, Typescript, CoffeeScript, and SQL. After you install this package, run it by choosing ‘Beautify Editor Contents’.

Download Beautify

Atom Linter

It provides the top-level APIs for the linters. The linters are available for CoffeeScript, JavaScript, SASS/LESS/STYLUS/CSS, python, and Ruby. You need to install specific linter language to work on after installing the main package.

Download Atom Liner

File Icons

The File Icons will add icons to the filename on the basis of corresponding file type. The visual improvements will be added when you will open the file on tree or tab view. These file icons are customizable. You are allowed to add your own icons and can change the color through LESS files. The default icons come in 3 variants and 8 colors.

Download File Icons

JavaScript Snippets

It will help you write the portion of JS source code quickly. As the abbreviation will be defined, you will not require using code word by word. This is similar to Emmet but runs on JavaScript Code.

Download JavaScript Snippets

CSS Comb

It makes your stylesheet code to get formatted consistently so that it appears beautiful and neat. The pre-designed sorting preferences can be chosen based on Zen, Yandex, or CSS Comb. You can even design your own preference.

Download CSS Comb

Git Plus

It lets you work with Git without actually leaving the Atom Editor. You will be able to make Git checkout, commit, diff, push/pull, or other commands within the editor.

Download Git Plus

Remote Edit

It helps you to check the remote files and edit them as well without leaving the atom editor. You can easily browse the remote files after installing this package.

Download Remote Edit