Best Android VNC Server 2017

Best VNC Server for Android for 2017: VNC stands for ‘Virtual Network Computing’. VNC allows a user to get connected remotely with the Android Phone or Tablet from the computer or from any other device. You just need to start the server and after that, you can disconnect the device. Following is the list of best VNC server for Android 2017.

The top ten VNC servers for Android are:

1. TeamViewer for Android

TeamViewer for Android allows you to access your device through the computer and offering multiple tasks and features by which you can transfer your files from your device to any PC. Editing of the document and any other task is very easy to use.

Download TeamViewer for Android

2. Splashtop Remote Desktop

If you want to access your files which are in the computer then Splashtop Remote Desktop HD will help you out and fetch your files from computer to your Android device. Using your Android device you can get the entire kind of files from your computer such as PowerPoint, and Outlook files.

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop

3. PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC

PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC is another VNC server for Android which makes you able to access file your Android device on Windows or MAC. You can get your important documents through this VNC such as presentation, reports, and documents.

Download PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC


GMOTE is a simple and easy to use VNC server for Android by which you can run an Android smartphone through the computer and can control your computer by your Android device. You can perform a task such as transferring the files, music, and stream movies.

Download GMOTE

5. Android VNC Viewer

Android VNC Viewer provides you a platform by which you can control your desktop computer from your Android device. It is very easy to use and provides a specific small screen with easy controls by which you can easily perform what you want.

Download Android VNC Viewer

6. Remote Droid

Remote Droid is recommended VNC which allows you to manage your smartphone from your computer. It can work through the desktop browser and provides entire tools of your phones.

Download Remote Droid

7. AirDroid

If you are in a search of a smart VNC server which can bring you in the atmosphere of your Android device through any desktop computer then this VNC server for Android has designed for you. You can also change the location of your files.

Download AirDroid

8. 2X Client RDP

2X Client RDP is one of the popular and famous VNC server for Android which makes you connected to your office or home PC. Use this Remote Desktop protocol and run your computer with very easy steps.

Download 2X Client RDP

9. 3CX Remote Android Desktop

3CX Remote Android Desktop offers you to get a control on your Android device by using a web browser. Get the control on SMS message, run clipboard and to view contact.

Download 3CX Remote Android Desktop

10. AccessToGo RDP

AccessToGo RDP is the last VNC server for Android of this list which provides you a quick access to run your phone and computer at a time. It provides you entire group of buttons for quick access.

Download AccessToGo RDP

Download this VNC server from the given link and check the compatibility for your system. All the VNC servers for Android mentioned above are best suited for your use.