Best Android TV Box 2017 Reviews

Moving ahead of the traditional TV boxes, 2017 is the year to switch to Android TV boxes and play all the games you love, along with watching great movies. At a cost that is way lesser than the cost of a traditional TV box. Given below are the top Android T.V boxes to choose from.


  1. NVIDIA SHIELD Pro – This is the number one Android T.V box to use in 2017, it is sleek efficient and can be used for watching films and streaming shows from popular streaming services.

It weighs 4.1 pounds and allows for 4K video streaming.

  1. Rveal RTVBX1 – Using this, you can get access to endless entertainment, in HD, without paying any monthly fees. It can be set up easily, since it weighs only 2.3 pounds. Its software gets updated automatically and it offers an air mouse remote along with a keyboard, to allow for easy navigation.

  1. MINIX NEO U1 – This supports a custom user interface, allowing easy access to all the preferred items. The storage capacity in this one is 16 GB flash storage, so storing media files here would not be a wise choice. You can set the interface in the form of folders, which cannot be changed later.

  1. Amazon Fire TV 2 – By using Amazon Fire, you will not only get the best of your Amazon Prime, but will also get access to Amazon app store. This does not provide access to Google play store, but allows for HD streaming of all content on Amazon Prime.