Best Amazon Echo Alternative 2016-2017

Alternatives to Echo for 2016 and 2017: Echo is the state of the art voice enabled automatic electronic Wireless speaker developed by Amazon. It’s amazingly advanced features makes it compatible with many other smart devices. To a great extent Echo can be considered as an intelligent Bluetooth speaker that can take commands issued by you and talk back to you. Amazon made people crazy with its announcement about Echo that works on the AI platform with the inbuilt virtual assistant named Alexa. Alexa integrated Echo captivated the market within no time. Here are some alternatives for Amazon Echo which will make your mind boggle.


Exhibiting high compatibility with many smart home devices, ivee goes in with Logitech, WeMo, Wink, Smart Things, Iris, Hue and Nest. Music streaming is allowed in ivee either through tapping the built in app named Spotify or through any third party application of the user’s choice. Interactions with ivee can be made from within a range of 15 foot radius or through any smart device compatible with it.


  1. Cubic

Named as the Cubic Smart Home Controller, its salient features prove that it is more than what its name suggests. Through its amazing features, Cubic allows its users to order food, track their favorite shows in TV and many more. It also plays a crucial role of a virtual assistant which responds immediately to your voice instructions.


  1. Athom Homey

Basically a smart home controller, this voice activated device communicates with NFC, Infrared, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wifi. The seven different types of wireless radios fitted into Athom Homey enable it to interact with literally any smart device at your home. Athom Homey understands normal speaking patterns.  It offers connectivity to smart phones and provides remote access just through a tap feature to any devices connected to it.


  1. Mycroft

This modest smart home controller taps all the connected devices through voice commands even when you are away from your base. Mycroft is a more advanced controller than any other product in this list and this advantage is provided by the fact that it uses an open source platform. This advantage makes it post on social media, clean up by firing Roomba on a single remote voice command from you.


  1. Castle Hub

Basically a smart home friendly operating system, Castle Hub offers support for Voice Command to tap into your smart devices like Enerwave, Kwikset, GE, Yale, Ecobee, WeMo, Hue, Sonos, Insteon and Nest. With a lot of value adding features like 7 USB Ports, Bluetooth, Windows 10 operating system, Gigabit LAN Support and 30 GB SSD for storage, Castle Hub is by itself a computer rather than just a Smart Home Controller.

castle hub

  1. Google Home

Google Home is an efficient smart home controller incorporated with a Voice Assistant that can perform an array of actions when a voice command is issued. The Google Home, by tapping in to different smart instruments of Google like Android and Chromecast, relays information about ongoing news items and weather forecasts amidst controlling smart home devices.