Best iPhone 7 Alarm Apps for 2017

Alarm Apps for iPhone 7: After a relaxing night of sleep, the last thing you aspire to do is put an end to it. If you’re not an early walker, then you would surely be looking for one such thing which can make waking up easy and also an achievable task to do. While all of us are familiar about the usual alarms which everyone wishes to throw across the room wall to switch it off. There are some more alarm apps available in the app store, which won’t get turned off that easily and would make sure that you wake up in the morning all set to do your tasks for the day.

Wake N Shake

Wake N Shake app for iPhone 7

The only way to shut this app off is by shaking the iPhone like crazy. No snooze option. You can’t reduce the volume. It’s an alarm app with no pity.  It’s a disturbing but useful way to wake a person up. I can guarantee that this app works after you installed it and conferred up to work a half hour early the next morning. Hence with this app by your side, you can be sure that you will wake up on time no matter what.

Download Wake N Shake from the store


ChronoGrafik app for iPhone 7

There are 10 beautiful faces on the app each one of it has its unique features and colors. So for each time piece, it has a different style i.e. retro, designer, calculator, geek or luxury horror. Hence for users who are inclined of having different themes on the app, they are surely going to love this app and download it to enjoy waking up to different faces every time.

Download ChronoGrafik from app store

Rise Alarm Clock

Rise Alarm Clock app for iPhone 7

There are various merits for this app, apprehended by Fast Company Design, Mashable, Lifehacker, Business Insider, TUAW, The Loop, App Advice and many others. Though, it can be snoozed or turned off by only one pulsation of the iPhone from the lock screen. But with 4.5 stars with 2353 reviews, it seems to be a well-deserved purchase which can make waking up for you an easier thing to do.

Download Rise Alarm Clock from the store

Yocto Alarm Clock

Yocto Alarm Clock app for iPhone 7

There is an old saying i.e. the best way to ravage a song is to set it as alarm music. I don’t want to ravage my iTunes music and you presumably don’t want it either.  This app keeps you from doing that with 70 built-in songs to make you wake up correctly. So every time the alarm rings you would hear a different music and this would wake you up early morning without failing to go to work on time.

Download Yocto from the store

Sleep Time

Sleep Time app for iPhone 7

This app has a delicate accelerometer that can detect your whole night shifts that reflect your stages of sleep. It will then set off an alarm at the proper instant, automatically. More similar to a considerable babysitter, using this app it’s difficult for you to wake up from a deep sleep appearing tired again. Thus this app will keep you free and will let you keep going throughout the day without giving up.

Download Sleep Time from the store