Best Adventure Games for MAC 2017

Top Adventure Games: The basic highlight of the adventure game is its story-driven way of progressing. Due to this, it attracts more people than any other genre. With a story in the game, the players are kept engaged in the game for a long time. The prime focus of these games is to solve the puzzles in a story telling way. The Apple store is filled with both the paid and unpaid versions of the storytelling games. Here we will highlight some of the best Adventure Games for MAC 2017.

Some of the games push the traditional boundaries of the adventure games to become the best mix of adventure and other genres. Now the adventure games have expanded to different genres and the players like a mix of different genres to compete and entertain themselves.

There are some common characteristics of adventure games.


The world’s most famous adventure games for MAC have a narrative behind it. A story connects more people across the world, with the adventure games.


There are a wide variety of puzzles that let you move ahead in an adventure game. Inventory, Dialogue based and Environment puzzles are the some of the puzzles that are mostly found in the popular games.


No game can be called an adventure game without exploration.

Let us now discuss the best adventure games for MAC 2017



This game is well known for its simple design and intuitive gameplay. The game is a mix of traditional adventure gameplay and mature content. It depicts the story of a color blind boy from the school time to adulthood.

Download Desire for MAC

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine


The story of the game revolves around time travelling. The puzzles are very different and unique. The game is divided into four chapters. There is an elegant progress bar that displays where you are in the game.

Download Kelvin and the Infamous Machine for MAC

Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure – Chapter 1


It is a mix of point and click and adventure game. It depicts the story of Bolt Riley, who is a young guy from Jamaica. It has a traditional 2D interface which can sound non-interesting to some of the players. The game has a classic inventory with the name of “passion”. The game is not that funny and takes the characters and their roles seriously.

Download Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure – Chapter 1 for MAC

Kentucky Route Zero: Act IV


The game is actually one of the parts of the five versions. The first act of the game was released in the year 2013. The background music in the game is mesmerizing. The game has multiple characters with different targets.

Download Kentucky Route Zero: Act IV for MAC

The Eyes of Ara


The game is a mix of healthy puzzles. People of every age group can find them interesting. The graphics look very real. The floor of the castle shown in the game looks very real.

Download The Eyes of Ara for MAC