Best Action Games for MAC 2017

Top Action Games: Action games have already been popular especially among the youth. With the Apple app store filled with the action games, it is hard to choose the best action games for MAC 2017. However, with enough research, we have come up with the best games that you and your friends can enjoy.

The games that have been highlighted in the best gaming conferences across the globe are also part of our list. We have also included some of the best sellers, both from the previous year and this year. This way we have kept the balance of the more traditional action games and the new ones.

Why action games are bestsellers?

 Action games are always sold for a higher price in the market due to the high demand. Also with the high demand, there are a plethora of the good quality action games that the people can play. This genre of gaming has shown tremendous growth over the years and the trend is on an uphill.

Let us explore the best action games for MAC 2017

Batman: Akhram Asylum


This game has been above the expectations as no one expected it to be a bestseller. This superhero franchise has lived up to the expectations to bring more customers across the globe. It won a various game of the year awards. The fights and the combat and the graphics in the game are of high quality and standards.

Download Batman: Akhram Asylum for MAC

The Binding of Isaac


 The game has been the published by the publishers of Super Meat Boy, which also became a hit previously. The rogue-like nature of the game has attracted many players of the action games across the globe. It is not a remake of the popular Super Meat Boy. The game gives you an instant adrenaline rush. The game has very deadly creatures and story to cater to the audience.

Download The Binding of Isaac for MAC



At first instance, it looks like a shooter game but it is not! Although it is built around a shooting theme, it has much more to offer. The comic style nature of this game makes it really more interesting than the normal shooter games that have been around for a while.

Download Borderlands for MAC

Counter Strike: Source


 It is one of the world’s most famous shooter game. The game has taken several leaps to become the bestseller across the globe. The players who have been playing counter strike previous versions for a while will feel connected to the game.

Download Counter Strike: Source for MAC



 For anyone who wants to put his hands on the action games for the first time, Jamestown is the game to try. The initial levels are easy to cross when you progress further in the game, you will find the levels to become difficult. The game is also available in the co-op mode where your friends can also help you to achieve the set targets.

Download Jamestown for MAC