57 Best MMORPG 2017-2018

Best MMORPG 2017: MMORPG‘s are an online role-playing video game, played by a large number of people participating simultaneously. The player enhances the role of one of the characters in the game. The game is massively played and appreciated by millions of individuals throughout the world. It gives a new way of playing the games with people from different parts of the world participating and enjoying. The list provides the best 57 MMORPGs in 2017.

Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul, one of the trendiest MMORPG games developed by Team Blood lust, is a Korean fantasy game. The game features action, thrilling plot, martial arts combat sequence, comprehensive characterization from different race and well to do story line and scenes.

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World of Warcraft

The MMORPG game which made into Guinness Book of World Record for the most popular MMORPG has been one of the longest favorite games since its launch ten years ago. With its added new features in the Legion Version, with new team Demon Hunter, best weapons and other attracting features, it still dominates the land of MMORPG.

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League of Angels 2

The League of Angles 2 requires the players to add more team members to their excellent team. The sequel of League of Angles, the mission is to conquer the Plague Queen. This game is a mobile based MMORPG game available freely.

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This free game takes the players through a combat between races, classes, and enemies which derive from the rift. The game developed by Trion set out standards in their character building, playing format and maintains its high class throughout the game.

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This wonderful medieval fantasy game developed in Korea, with its extensive crafting, allows the player to be the dominant warrior who paddles through battles and helps in the economy of the world by purporting the farming and housing industries. With lots of travel, the player can make use of different sailing transportation available for exploration.

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The fictional planet of Nexus with its inhabitants of the race Eldan disappears, they need to be found. The game filled with humor is one of the most played free-to-play MMORPG games.

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Guild Wars 2

The game is beautifully designed with outstanding graphics, real characters in a vast world, where the players explore during their travel. The players trigger events on their journey and earn rewards during the process. The game maintains its uniqueness with a player controlling the story line, dynamic event process, and excellent combat system.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

A game for people who love to be gorgeous heroes with super cool moves. The game attracted players with their astounding graphics, brilliant background score, bright character outlook, and also the costume, gathering, Full Active Time Events. The new version Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, kicks out in 2017 summer.

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

This upcoming MMORPG is a fantasy game filled with adventures and explorations. This challenging game with risks being recognized with rewards has a reputation as the biggest asset. The game strategically planned an endeavor to bring back MMO game play by being extra social and compelling players to team up with friends and strangers if they ever expect to progress fast enough in the game.

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ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds

This free to play game provides the players with a lot of PvE and PvP, trading, incredible graphics, fantastic, guild and professions. The divine spirit system adds to its uniqueness. The game highly fantasized game is inspiration from Asian legends and mythology.

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This simple 3D voxel-based sandbox game, allows the players to explore the world. Their key features are multiple classes into levels, build a mobile house, an infinitive sandbox, different dungeons for exploration and community produced combat.

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Naruto Online

This free to play MMORPG shows the combat fighting method to increase your team’s strength to face your rivals. The characters based on water, the wind, earth fire, or lightning; the elements of earth takes you to an incredible adventure ahead.

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Shards Online

The players can explore the expanding world with a vibrant environment and deep tradition. The game allows the players to play it in whatever way they want with their rules, their MMO, etc.

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Earthrise: First Impact

The game is set around Sc-Fi fiction and free to play MMORPG. The players need to fight with Contonima government and others with their specialized skill sets, selected by themselves according to the type of characters they choose to represent.

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This upcoming MMORPG has features such as active role playing where the player controls the beast, any NPC characters or monsters to betterment and adventure. There is also a unique team for story telling and also combats, crafting, etc.

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Saga of Lucimia

The game is a multiplayer game which needs the group to be actively participating in crossing different zones, dungeons to explore with lots of skills and tactics. The game is set to release in December 2017, is one of the most challenging MMORPG.

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The Repopulation

It is an upcoming MMORPG of Sci-Fi genre. The key features include city building, different skilled combats, engagements, various combat modes, PvP battles, etc. It aims to bring a fresh experience in MMORPG sector.

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Chronicles of Elyria

This fantastic game takes the player through characters different age till death and also brings the family and dynasties into action. The game set to release in 2017 is one of the most anticipated games among MMORPG.

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The players drive through a large platform where they can build whatever they want in the world, collect their pets, create crafting equipment and sell crafting wearable in the store.  The players explore the world.

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Dual Universe

This massive Sci-Fi MMORPG allows the players to explore an immense number of planets by building their satellites, space ships, colonies, and cities. The players need to explore, combat in single or group and participate in trade, craft or politics. This game is one of the ambitious projects with their alpha release to be launched in 2017.

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Star Citizen

The players enact the roles of pirates, bounty hunters, smugglers, merchants, and also pilots. The key features of this game include first person universe with shooters and flights, your choice, and community driven responsibilities.

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Dragon Blood

The strength of this game is in your team strength and formation. Your task is destructing your enemies like monsters with your skill sets and your team to save the world. The game goes through a lot of quests, PvPs, battles, dungeons, etc. and with rewards.

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Camelot Unchained

This PvP combat game has three realms and requires the player to build their townships and cities. The game utilizes the A.I.R system to make the combat unique. The combination of skills and abilities drive this game.

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Life is Feudal

The game set up in feudal times of Knights fought bravely while Kings ruled the kingdom. The players can explore through different landscapes, dig moats and tunnels, various quest areas, raids, PvPs, etc.

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This action based MMORPG based on a novel, with its thrilling story keeps the players on track. The graphics, explorations, the quests are brilliantly made. The game also has excellent character representation and varieties of weapons for combat.

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Albion Online

The game mainly focuses on conquest, trading and also crafting with PvP and PvE battles, the economy driven by players, farming, etc. It also offers cross-platform which allows the player to play on both PC and mobiles.

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Project Gorgon

The game mainly aims for exploration where most of the skills need to be discovered. The players need to face many adventures, game mechanics, deepening the skill set and work together to move through the game.

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This driven action game is a perfect game for all the action lovers out there. The game allows the players to select and grow unique characters and to build their force. Blended with action, combat, and story line, it is fun to play this MMORPG game.

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With four classes and sub classes, it is one of the most modern MMORPGs. Developed by IMC, the game is based on the mythology and culture of Lithunia. The game is also available in the English version, which in turn increased its subscribers.


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It is developed by NCsoft’s Lineage series adding more action and Diablo approach. It also combines the use of the mouse to perform certain skills and actions. The game with about 20 players battle and travel through dungeons and quests.


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This Icarus Online renamed game with its CryEngine 3 visuals offers one of the best games to play online. Aerial combat, large mounts to collect, it adds to its new outlook. The English version was much awaited by fans all over the world.


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With excellent architectural features and good character placements and build-up, Bless is one of the coolest MMORPGs. Set around during the medieval world, the story is about a war between two groups.


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The game allows you to explore and go to many fantastic places. The players can build anything, explore and claim their interested areas and participate in construction contests. Even though it is not one top exciting game, it provides players with enough fun and excitement.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

It is one the costliest developed MMORPG, with eight different classes and three distinct story line for each class. The players engage themselves as smugglers, Jedi, bounty hunters or Sith. The brilliant combat and plots make it one of the favorite online games.

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Elder Scrolls Online

The game takes the players through massive dungeons, dangerous enemies to combat, and different characters. The game offers brilliant combat system and also the first-person perspective of the game.

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EVE Online

It is one of the most persistent games among MMORPGs. The game designed with utmost care in systems and simulations. The players involved in multiple activities such as piracy, trading, combat, mining, manufacturing and exploration.

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Set around a fantasy medieval period, with an enormous open world without filling screens and lively weather, players fight for their territory and build a castle. With lots of combat, the players will have fun playing this game.


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The game is fresh, which propel the players to move forward and a fantastic action, and also an invoking background system and crafting. This free to play MMORPG has eight different classes available.

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The highlighting feature of this game is the ability to fly. The way the flight is designed and opens up a new dimension of space during fights adds to the otherwise much engaging combat.

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It can be categorized under one of the best action game made ever. The beautifully designed art and amazing animations with a brilliant background make it best. With its great intensity and stunning gratification, it justifies all the needs of action games.

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Star Trek Online

It is one of the most intriguing MMORPG ever made. Their strength lies in their uniqueness and different gameplay. All Star Trek fans find this so fascinating and exciting. The space ships, aliens, combats all add to the flavor of the game.

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Lord of the Rings Online

This free to play a game based on the famous Novel of the same name is among the most favorite MMORPGs. The quest, crafting, with other paid features allows the players to play an incredible action and thrilling game.

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This challenging game allows the players to change the characters class anytime during the play and allows the game to progress in a very smooth level. This Sci-Fi fantasy allows the players to reach immortal level of God and attains worshipers.

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Age of Wushu

The Chinese martial art game gives the players all the flavors and action as if witnessing a movie. The attracting features of this game are combat, calligraphy, and development of characters while offline also.

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Star Conflict

This fast paced game mainly features their bloody fights and explosions on a high level. The game takes the players into a new world of space and space crafts. The game is intriguing with brilliant visuals and small details.

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The Secret World

The great settings, story lines and wide varieties of characters make this one of the most exciting games played online. The game also provides a background music which is very much apt for the sequences in the game.

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Uncharted Waters Online

This exciting exploration game plays an excellent work of capturing the significant parts of pirate games, all inside an unremarkable online design. The players combat both on land and in the sea.

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Runes of Magic

This Taiwanese game features lots of loots, character build-up, enemies, and a very lovely setting. The traditional game makes the player feel good while playing the game.

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Allods Online

This sci-fi fantasy game takes the players through a land of floating islands and ships. The player combats with others and allows multiple piloting of ships. The mind-blowing battles and dungeon exploration make the game more entertaining.

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Black Desert Online

The key features of this game are the real action-based combat, the hidden treasures, and also the unique horseback combat. The additional skills achieved after mounting helps the player to control the mount on attacking your enemies.

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This upcoming game is apt for all the game of thrones fans out there. Featuring five different kinds of worlds, different legends, exciting combats and also varieties of character and races, it is one of the most anticipated games in 2017.

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This battle game features a close combat, different classes and special abilities of the characters, etc. The game is taken to a new location once the points are drained, so the fight is for controlling the points.

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Set around a zombie catastrophe caused by H1Z1 virus, players, needs to survive the threats from zombies and wild bears and wolves, through teamwork. The other features of the game are new weapons, structures and buildings and illuminating mechanics, making it one of the best zombie games.

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Dark and Light

The players work for claiming the land using their magic powers to change the ecosystem and laws persisting in the area. Exploration and challenges for survival are the major ideas behind the game.

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ARK: Survival Evolved

The players fight for their survival in the dangerous world of dinosaurs, natural calamities, and other human threats. The game is a visual treat and fun filled for people who like little horror.

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Darkfall: Unholy War

The main features of this game are the seamless world, naval battles, clan battles, full loot, etc. The players can use PvP battles, flexible character orchestration, vast world and world persistence as their essential tools.

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Divergence Online

It is a Sci-Fi game, having four different races and features such as different kind of factions and locations. This upcoming game is the perfect blend of MMORPG and TPS and is much-anticipated game to be available on Steam.

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These MMORPG’s or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are the most played ones of MMORPGs. They are used as a medium for many psychological studies which concludes that the emotional range of people expands by performing and enacting the roles. The games also help in social interaction and development.