50 Best Chrome Themes of 2017

Best Chrome Browser Themes to install in 2017.We always find many of the Google Chrome users to sick for very good looking themes for making designer Chrome background. Several finds the way to get the likely theme, but some get disappointed. Here our team has been enlisted some of the very finest Google Chrome Themes from the chrome store. We know that individual’s demand is different, but still, if you prefer anyone from these 50 Bests, then you may install on your Google Chrome.

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1. Pikachu (Pokémon):

Many of the people loves this cartoon character from the Pokemon Animation series. It is also very demandable in kid’s toys and wall pictures. Here the theme is created in a dark Yellow Background, where Pikachu is sleeping and smiling. It looks very adorable and cute. You may go for it.

[appbox chromewebstore afjeakoedihkpfcilfenomcjbagbblok]

2.Breaking Bad:

Everyone is aware of the blockbuster movie “Breaking Bad”, the intense character of “Walter White” which made everyone stunned. Here you users also getting this wallpaper base theme of Breaking Bad with that intense face of Walter which is perfect as a theme.

[appbox chromewebstore kmbpiaoibkhpdblldfljjhnceohhkfpi]

3.Despicable Me:

I don’t think you need me to remind the high time funny & lovely character of Minions in that movie. A white background and the three leading minions of Despicable Me is appearing here and making this theme a great one.

[appbox chromewebstore iimicelcjahdeilpofdoojjbihilojpb]

4.Bruce Springsteen:

Are you a fan of Bruce Springsteen! If you then this is going to make you stunned. Springsteen is standing here with a gutter, and it’s showing the background of the lovely song “We Take Care”. It’s dark and stands with a great deep & light mixed blue color.

[appbox chromewebstore dophemgfcbicmmaalmbdcgmbdkmcjjok]


This one is easy, and very simple. Here the users will feel like real rain is dropped in your chrome screen. It reminds the winter and in the Non-Aero background this effect suits well.

[appbox chromewebstore dpagcfbbmlebfnkeogkigellbgmfkjfg]

6.Lamborghini Sesto:

A hard, dark Sesto series theme! We all love the Ghini Sesto series and these cars are hot. Here a Ghini Sesto is standing showing its right sight and it looks extremely hot. Ghini fans will be crazy to get it. This is also supremely high in resolution.

[appbox chromewebstore ikloadgcpcpdbpdpfgpmakgllfannfba]

7.Black & White:

A minimal one which will transform your chrome background in pure black & white form! This is very general, but looks well professional. People who have used chrome for hours they will feel relief in eyes while working with this theme.

[appbox chromewebstore onpphpnfgidbadcijndjfiecbbjdecop]

8.Mario Retro:

We all remember Mario; it is still one of the most spacious games of the video game world. Mario lovers are getting an opportunity to fix this theme of this jumping Mario. This is a retro version, so in the light blue background, Mario is jumping with retro effects. Mario is still in the rage.

[appbox chromewebstore ikmefpddcicnmclabblmicjpibbgbglf]

9.Bob Marley:

A theme of the great Jamaican musician Bob Marley! He is a great guitarist and most popular musician. In this theme of Bob Marley, you will see a smiling picture of Marley with a lion in the background which making this theme a passionate choice. It suits well in Chrome, and the icons are also well optimized in this theme.

[appbox chromewebstore alpnhingmddeadgmgjbfefmaanaeifak]

10.Green Abstract:

A very decent, but glorious one! This theme stands with one artificially well design bird and artificial tree leaps, which is designed over a white mixed background. It’s well optimized for huge resolutions and its iconic set up is also fashionable.

[appbox chromewebstore nmiakbfojdnbagbidpdhfdfdmdefphkm]


Who doesn’t love great looking luxurious cars from the brand Porsche! Here the Porsche lovers getting a well-optimized theme, where too many Porsche cars are standing over, a natural background and the outlining of the theme is light white.

[appbox chromewebstore gkclphmapdcppbmekmbkcjfanpmoidpg]

12.Fiery Music:

This one is a funny one! Here you will see, a skeleton is dancing with a gutter and a stereo sound box is standing beside it. The total rendering is designed for firing, and it looks extremely hot. The dark black background and fire in the front lining make people crazy to get it.

[appbox chromewebstore hnmfeiddljnkcdgcfcfhpenipgmaocon]

13.Marvel’s The Avengers:

Truly a theme which provides lots of the Avengers lovers. Hulk and Thor are showing their fighting here and the rest background is extremely in action. This is great for high resolution and this one is light to use also.

[appbox chromewebstore aeobpbkclfbgkafocbpaiionicoamdho]

14.Flying Paint:

An easy but charming one! Here a great color mixing is flying in a fixed shape and the background is simply white. This theme is brought you by the Atavi.com, and it has also several variants while you go to select it.

[appbox chromewebstore iaddkdiibkddhdbcmmplkhcpgeinggfo]

15.Small Waterfall:

This is a well-captured pictures of the natural waterfall in the grassy stones. Here the exact natural feeling enriches you to set it you in your chrome. This one is an awesome collection of ,Chrome Theme store and you can easily set it from there.

[appbox chromewebstore fjmpmheefpadfkjkkeeeanlkhdlpmeom]

16.Night Time in New York City:

This theme explains a lot about the New York nightlife. This is dark and full of little lightnings. The big buildings are showing off here, by which the New York night lovers will love to fix it.

[appbox chromewebstore jnimonidkipnhnpgkhgliocfnnpgkhek]

17.Virginia Beach:

This is an HD collection of the popular beach of Virginia. This is truly natural and the extreme beauty of Virginia Beach is getting flashed here.  Being an HD version, you can set it for high resolution using, and this stands with normal Chrome standard options.

[appbox chromewebstore knkambdkekpmkpkkhnlickeepajljfbo]

18. Deadpool [FVD]:

This is recently launched after the newly released movie Deadpool. Fans will love to see the chunky character standing in front of a dark red & Black mixed background wearing his suit. The theme is quite special because it’s FVD speed dial available and here you will also be able to open 3D tab pages.

[appbox chromewebstore liabepoelohehnplkhbgcapfedbnenod]

19. Aero-Trans Brushed Metal Theme:

This charmingly professional theme is being developed by the Jim Biggs. Aero works fluently with any kind of windows and it’s even has a transparent toolbar. This one is highly optimized for multitasking and it transfers your Chrome look like a Brushed metal after being set.

[appbox chromewebstore jkjdfchjlhkgnfjblhclgaliiccalckf]

20.Pink Kitten:

This is an excellent cute option for the kitten lovers, where the users are getting a fully stunning looking picture quality, better custom detailing in the image quality and a great HD interface. It has a pick background and getting represented by a white kitten.

[appbox chromewebstore kebpcjfgecjnniefhcmlbbejpbpekaop]

21.Winter Wolf:

Winter Wolf is an angular animal theme. This one is very general in looking, but the angular look of the Winter Wolf makes it stunning over the HD interface. This is simply white except the eyes of the wolf. This is also a 5 starred option. Try it for very casual looking.

[appbox chromewebstore begkcnenedplbijckelbfiffehmpbicj]

22.Into The Mist:

Into The Mist have a great photography where you will be seeing a silent road and lots of trees and it goes for a never ending lining. Into The Mist looks very polished and the options setup is also very simple likewise the default chrome.

[appbox chromewebstore mgihmkgobaljfehcadcckdggpeojaadh]

23.Lamborghini Veneno:

If you just ignore the high time HD quality and the angular quality of the picture, then still you will get stunned by the detailing of Lamborghini Veneno. Here the theme representing a Lamborghini Veneno model and the icon of Ghini is also here. This is dark and highly supreme in quality. Ghini lovers wouldn’t be able to resist it.

[appbox chromewebstore pbhkmhlobhafnemkbnhcncmoehimkhde]

24. Colourful Kittens & Paws:

This is simple but seems to be an extraordinary modelling. Here you will get several colorful cartoon kittens playing, smiling and snatching over the white background. And the casual collection of kittens and colorful paws looks extremely outstanding at a glance.

[appbox chromewebstore jpdieohhgpkagdippnkpbnjkiadmlbac]

25.Fall Forest Theme:

This one is again an FVD speed dial enabled theme with supremely detailed graphics and the 3D tabbing quality in this theme is also well optimize. A well captured and quite artificially developed forest detailing is being represented here, and it looks great.

[appbox chromewebstore mckefofnddhejpkanffhkgfgfhajbkom]

26. Cadilac:

This one is enriched with incredible pink detailing. The front face of a lavish Cadillac is been showing in the theme and the car is also pinkish with steel accessories in the bonnet. This is also an HD theme; you can use it for high resolutions.

[appbox chromewebstore ccohmmedeblilepdifdokjbpgbijnijl]

27. JLA for The Art Lover:

This one is being derived from the 1920’s. An old art culture is being represented here. This is a modern HD art theme of JLA where you will find lots of meaningful and well-known detailing from the modern age.

[appbox chromewebstore bpkidpcpddgfnifjkmjkheiabjmelfdc]


The Colors are simply casual but look more than specious in the chrome background. It seems to be like anyone has thrown paints in your chrome’s above lining. Lots of colors and great mixing makes this theme a preferable one.

[appbox chromewebstore lhbgjlhhonbdjfdoiklbbkejcipkbnac]


Kittens theme is really outstanding for the exceptional representing quality. Here you will find two main coon kittens, who is sitting in the same posture in front of a lavish white background. The theme is special because this has several great chrome optimizing options which can make your chrome more glamorous.

[appbox chromewebstore hmhjmbmjbhhgbnkikokgilllcbbbleno]


Sweets theme is simply general and brought you by the Atavi.com. But it is in the best list only for its great coloring. Here a lot of sweets are showing off and they are in different of colors even invariant. Try to set it for making your chrome glorious.

[appbox chromewebstore fheekmgekhahpaelhpkginoipahinfnk]

31.I See Cream:

A five starred Chrome Theme, where with a single cup of ice cream the front face speaks a lot with an exceptional quality of scenario. Rainbows, mountain, bird, cloud, girl, two pet animals and etc are incredibly designed here. It will be appreciated by everyone.

[appbox chromewebstore nkcojfpdpejmoikdmmknhnanmfeaaopp]

32.Aston Martin DBC Concept:

A red color car from Aston Martin, standing in the sunny road with its great design! This is an HD version and also has an own interface to represent chrome with required icons.

[appbox chromewebstore gipjmkadfmnholahnobfgeboogdneacm]

33.Fire Walk:

This is one of the most outstanding designed themes of Chrome. A structure of a cat created by the fire smoke is showing its fairy lighting face like an interesting manner. Here you are also getting the lovely special effects of rain.

[appbox chromewebstore kpidockhlenpkfhofmhopohpckbcpkff]

34. Eifel-Tower:

The Eifel Tower is standing in the theme and showing it from the bottom side. This is simple and black and white in color, but its steel body, making this theme charming enough for setting it as a genuine Chrome theme.

[appbox chromewebstore ciggbfoidollghopplobaokaaemcodie]

35.Brooklyn Bridge:

An excellent picture was taken by the photographer on a cloudy day, which being represented in this theme. The detailing is good and it’s very simple and light for using. If you are a Brooklyn lover then you can fix it.

[appbox chromewebstore idafpfmbofmipdgimabpanjjoehikboa]

36.Charlotte Ronson:

We all know about the personality Charlotte. She designed her own unique and one of the most famous fashion clothing brands. Here chrome offering you a theme crafted with a black & white background, & an extraordinary picture of New York City which is showing the outs side of a fashion shop.

[appbox chromewebstore obakimnhgahiedhcjlcnohielmendpen]

37. Slinky Gold:

A very fine and refreshing theme which is beautiful and convenient. You can make your browser beautiful from outside and beast from inside.

[appbox chromewebstore opcahkkobcoekkefacocehmopfpmkpho]

38.Lone Tree:

Again a theme with a single tree, but this one is exceptional for its well-designed joy radiating light. This one is a serene theme which is profusely stunning and emanating.

[appbox chromewebstore hfmkllfplegemejikoabfpjdaoncphip]


A theme showing a deep blue lightning background where a focused cat is grabbing the lightning orange pumpkin! This is a really awesome collection and has lightning look. People who are looking stunning themes they may prefer it.

[appbox chromewebstore pkigkiflejlmpibnlecfdgkhjijgkoao]


A natural space theme, specially designed for chrome. This has a half ,but a very close image of Earth on the front side and the rest background is of space. The color mixing is awesome and this is in HD form.

[appbox chromewebstore hepnfgiockihbakjbhonkinpagbkaobo]


Here a cyclist is cycling, outstanding in over the mountains and that is very clearly showing on the sunny day. The graphic quality is awesome which is even showing the shadows reflecting.

[appbox chromewebstore hnijhhnakmaheeflbgpncikkepmnbekn]

42.Sky & Air Baloon Theme:

This one is also a very bright option and it is also FVD enabled. While coming to choose a nature theme for chrome preferring this one is very perfect. With bright sky and balloons , this also represents a sunny day in the background.

[appbox chromewebstore ooegoinbbjiihhlncojnebbljlegkagp]

43.Tiger Inside:

A deep orange background where there has been a scratch of a tiger’s paw and inside the scratch gaping there it’s a face of the tiger. This is absolutely stunning for all the theme lovers. Many of the chrome users are using it. Hope you will prefer that.

[appbox chromewebstore dkhabbgiejldaelgiifphpffmcafdijf]


This stands with a great resolution. This all about a very cute rabbit which is being represented by a garden background and a very bright interface. People who want to go with a cute and adorable Chrome theme they can easily prefer this.

[appbox chromewebstore liamdcfhclcpdgfdllgpcecaglkhfbde]

45.Penguin Underwater:

A big fat penguin in a deep blue open sea under water! The water color is highly optimized by great editing which making this theme a charming one. There you also find the perfect use of glitters in the water, which is making it more lightning.

[appbox chromewebstore jhlcbogebmijafonemmclopcejnaeemk]

46.Herd of Wild Horses:

This Theme has been rated as 4.5 out of 5. This is gradually higher in quality than the many other themes. This is highly recommended for the PC which has a 2530*1440 resolution. A herd of horses are standing over the grasses with their babies and all. This is a great click on the photographer and very bright in color and detailing.

[appbox chromewebstore cbnfbfnodelcbncdkihbpmilkhfgbfjb]

47.Wild Panda:

We all love pandas and also their habit of eating bamboo! Here in the theme, a cute panda is eating bamboo leafs sitting over the sand. It’s extremely charming and the color,detailing of leaves are great for this theme. If you like Pandas then you can set it in your high-resolution computer.

[appbox chromewebstore nmjbhndnpdbpfimkfhapcoidmbbakcod]

48. Cosmopolise:

This one is supported with 1920*1080 resolutions. This is a picture of Dubai city which has been edited, well for the best artificial impression. In the base of a lighting blue background, a lot of mega tall buildings are standing in this theme. This is stunning and better for your chrome theme.

[appbox chromewebstore ipihgjdhjoldhpfpmiiimpnmohpfhkcm]

49.Silver Car FVD:

This is a silver theme with a back side of a Ghini car and this theme is also FVD enabled. So the high configured computer users will feel great to use chrome with this theme. You can also set 3D tabbing in this theme.

[appbox chromewebstore pabejfcmcfibngkgmiinoleneinjdjoh]

50.Sea Cliffs:

This theme feels like very relaxing when we see it. This is a wallpaper of sunset at the end of a sea, which looks actually real and very much fascinating. It’s a great light orange color of the sunlight seems like you see the real sunset.

[appbox chromewebstore bpokehhbejeciipobnhjkhhflnmpidkf]