50 Best Chrome Extensions for 2017

Best Extensions for Chrome to install in 2017: People who love to use Google Chrome Browser in their daily life and find for greatly featured extensions in it, they will find very prompt results after reading this article.

Our team has been preparing a list of Google Chrome’s topmost 50 extensions which can be very useful for a wide range of Chrome users. Here the list is represented in this article; interested people must follow this for getting the information.


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Extensions for Social Networking & Sharing in 2017

1. Share to Facebook

Those users who are willing to share something in the base of Facebook, they wouldn’t in need to access their total Facebook home page. People who have accounts in FB they can share anything, just by using this “Share to Facebook” extension, and that’s also applicable for FB groups & timeline.

[appbox chromewebstore kbgplcfihfeioiaddclapccnefggiddn?hl=en]

2. Netflix Party

Rather than only starting a movie or show and watching it alone, with the help of Netflix Party extension the user will easily be able to invite any friend to watch the movies and shows together even by using a well optimized remote.

[appbox chromewebstore oocalimimngaihdkbihfgmpkcpnmlaoa?hl=en]

3. Silver Bird

It’s actually a well-optimized system to use Twitter with an easier way. While you are using SB extension in your chrome, this extension is willing to show you all the Twitter notifications, updates, Twits etc and you even can upload and share directly to twitter without wasting a lot of time.

[appbox chromewebstore encaiiljifbdbjlphpgpiimidegddhic?hl=en]

4. Buffer

Buffer helps you to get linked up with several social networking platforms. Its extraordinary interface helps to get updates from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even if you are handling multiple accounts. All the general activities are inbuilt in it, and it also provides some exceptionally special features in its interface to get a better experience.

[appbox chromewebstore noojglkidnpfjbincgijbaiedldjfbhh?hl=en]

5. Instagram for Chrome

This one is same as the Smartphone app. This extension works like a smart point in your chrome and makes you update and aware about the entire on goings in your Instagram account.

[appbox chromewebstore opnbmdkdflhjiclaoiiifmheknpccalb?hl=en]

Extensions for Screen & Page Capture in 2017

6. EverNote Web Clipper

Evernote works like a breeze in your chrome and it even isolates the mainstream content and highly focuses on capturing it. After taking the required screenshot you can also share it with others and do a lot of things just by accessing its awesome features.

[appbox chromewebstore pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc?hl=en]

7. OneNote Web Clipper

Saving anything which you see in online are more fun with OneNote! Besides doing a duty of capturing the screens, OneNote also represents you lot of exceptional features which are way beyond interesting.

[appbox chromewebstore gojbdfnpnhogfdgjbigejoaolejmgdhk?hl=en]

8. Awesome Screenshot

AS make this part a little more portable and easier. Awesome Screenshot can help you to annotate the screenshots by maintaining shape, arrows, and even with textual comments. And by Awesome Screenshot the users can easily upload their shots on its official site and even share it on social media.

[appbox chromewebstore nlipoenfbbikpbjkfpfillcgkoblgpmj?hl=en]

9. Readability

Readability asks for an account first and then you will get the permit to get the extension. Besides helping you with general attributes these extensions have great linkups with several social and official platforms. So sharing and uploading will be easier by using Readability.

[appbox chromewebstore oknpjjbmpnndlpmnhmekjpocelpnlfdi?hl=en]

10. Lightshot

Lightshot is really very light in weight and it also captures well. Capturing the mainstream content and even downloading the full program by a special monitor everything is possible for Lightshot tools. Lightshot even makes your way by sending Google your captured reports that Google then find you the similarities on that platform.

[appbox chromewebstore mbniclmhobmnbdlbpiphghaielnnpgdp?hl=en]

Best Shopping Extensions in 2017

11. Flix Plus

Those who love to use Netflix, Flix Plus is recommended for them. We all know that the desktop version of Netflix is not that comfortable to use, but if you are using Flix extension then it will make your accessing an ease and will provide you a lot of specified features.

[appbox chromewebstore fcjjgdnadfneaamhipplgpfkdnbfagla?hl=en]

12. Honey

This specified shopping extension for chrome browser gives you a drop-down list where you will find the best coupons, deals, and etc. This makes your shopping experience easy and works for lots of sites. By Honey, you will easily get checkpoint service and it will help to obscure your coupons and codes.

[appbox chromewebstore bmnlcjabgnpnenekpadlanbbkooimhnj?hl=en]

13. InvisibleHand

People who are tight with their budget for their shopping must use this extension. Invisible Hand helps you to surf the top 600 retailers and their cheapest deals. This extension is well efficient for the US, UK & Germany people. But you also have to fix its setting.

[appbox chromewebstore lghjfnfolmcikomdjmoiemllfnlmmoko?hl=en]

14. Mockingbird Freebooks

It will recommend you the online bookstore shopping like Amazon, GoogReads, Audible, Barnes & Noble, etc. It helps you to find the best deals as well as the options under that program.

[appbox chromewebstore phnddmkgmlolmdjfkjmfljijkgadkkob?hl=en]

15. Add To Amazon Wish List

This is a specified extension from Amazon, which is filled up with Amazon’s special attributes. Here the users will get a lot of beneficial features and options which will make the Amazon shopping experience better.

[appbox chromewebstore boekbkconiendicldakeboooeilaldmh?hl=en]

Extensions for Google Services in 2017

16. Google Hangouts

All the professional people or chat lovers, who want free textual communication, or even video calls they must use this extension. The Hangout extension is being widely used among a lot of people for getting communicated. You can use it by multiple Gmail accounts and you can add here a lot of peoples for communicating.

[appbox chromewebstore nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd?hl=en]

17. Google Dictionary

This one is awesome for gaining knowledge. By adding GD you can easily get information and the meaning of any word in any webpage just by double-clicking on the word. GD is a very easy and helpful extension which is a genuine dictionary for all.

[appbox chromewebstore mgijmajocgfcbeboacabfgobmjgjcoja?hl=en]

18. Rapportive

People who are very much attentive in Gmail or needy to attend it, Rapportive are a good choice for them. While any unknown just message you and you then wonder who did it, in that case, Rapportive can easily clear your concern by providing you a quality list of that person with his contact details, social media accounts, recent updates, status and etc. So by Rapportibe you can easily find them.

[appbox chromewebstore hihakjfhbmlmjdnnhegiciffjplmdhin?hl=en]

19. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is a well-optimized message tracker which will help the new Gmail users by several ways. Besides some of its mainstream activities, Boomerang has several more special features which make people interested in having it. But Boomerang is not free for lifetime and the tracking times are limited.

[appbox chromewebstore mdanidgdpmkimeiiojknlnekblgmpdll?hl=en]

20. Google Translate

GT helps the users to translate the web page language. GT will help you to detect the written language and translate it to your preferred one.

[appbox chromewebstore aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb?hl=en]

21. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer

This is a quality extension which has a multitasking interface and helps you accordingly to open docs, PPT and PDF files. By using this extension in chrome, people no need to download these format files but they can easily visit them.

[appbox chromewebstore gmpljdlgcdkljlppaekciacdmdlhfeon?hl=en]

Extensions on Security in 2017

22. Click & Clean

Click & Clean is a very secure add one which accesses your browser cache, cookies, plug-in, history and even extensions by which the browser have a better control of all time. Click&Clean will help you to clean your private data and holds a control on all the security aspects of your system.

[appbox chromewebstore ghgabhipcejejjmhhchfonmamedcbeod?hl=en]

23. LastPass

This is a five-star graded extension which is highly efficient in filling out any forms and saving the password as well. The specialty of LastPass is, it can easily work on any Operating system, Browsers, mobile devices, and even can import store passwords from other tools.

[appbox chromewebstore hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd?hl=en]

24. Disconnect

“Disconnect” is a master of blocking all third-party cookies from social media and advertisers. This is also reported that while using Disconnect extension people get a speedup up to 44% on browsing on a lot of pages. Here the user can easily see the blocked cookies and can follow them.

[appbox chromewebstore jeoacafpbcihiomhlakheieifhpjdfeo?hl=en]

25. WOT

WOT refers to the Web of Trust, which helps you to  defend bad reputed sites, by showing signs of red, yellow, green, etc. This can also head up notices before you click on the corrupted links.

[appbox chromewebstore bhmmomiinigofkjcapegjjndpbikblnp?hl=en]

26. Mailvelope

Mailvelope is a well-optimized interface for getting a proper encryption and decryption in your web based email messages. Mailvelope is prominent with Gmail, Outlook, Posteo and with Yahoo and other mail servers. The specialty of Mailvelope is, is also comfortable for Firefox.

[appbox chromewebstore kajibbejlbohfaggdiogboambcijhkke?hl=en]

27. Personal Blocklist

Personal blacklist is about ensuring a customized security. By PB extension, you can easily block those sites which you don’t what to visit further and this activity can be done in the site’s domain name or even by the sub domain.

[appbox chromewebstore nolijncfnkgaikbjbdaogikpmpbdcdef?hl=en]

Interface & Utilities Extensions 2017

28. µBlock Origin

µBlock actually works like an alternative of Adblock and Adblock Plus with little less resource. This is also available for Firefox, Safari, Opera, and helps with interfaces like flash based games, video ads, and etc.

[appbox chromewebstore cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm?hl=en]

29. Noisli

As like as the ambient noise, which helps you to keep the mainstream focus! Noisli has also does the same with its special drop down menu which is fulfilled with such options. Here you can also set the tools for auto activities.

[appbox chromewebstore klejemegaoblahjdpcajmpcnjjmkmkkf?hl=en]

30. Image Downloader

ID is a special Downloader extension which helps you to make the focus on the bulk of downloading and this interface can be customized as per your concerns in it. This is also very fast and privacy oriented.

[appbox chromewebstore cnpniohnfphhjihaiiggeabnkjhpaldj?hl=en]

31. Readism

Readism helps you by concerning you about the time spent on any web page. As people confirms a specific time for each activity that they don’t want to drain their valuable time like so Readism focuses on the real-time reading on web pages. By which, you can manage it your timings.

[appbox chromewebstore bmiolhceebkeljaikojgcoeefblcihje?hl=en]

32. Full Contact

People who have fewer than 5000 contacts in their Gmail account, or even have multiple contact lists; they can easily handle all the contacts by the help of FC. This extension will help you to let the contacts cleaned up forever. At first, it needs an account in the “Full Contact” official site then you have to download the extension to get the total access for the level best customization.

[appbox chromewebstore cnaibnehbbinoohhjafknihmlopdhhip?hl=en]

33. Hover Zoom

As we know there are lots of thumbnail images available in the interfaces like Google Images, Social networks, Flicker and etc. and usually we have to download or save them for getting the proper size of those images, and that also conditional and depend on the first party permission. But by this Hover, you can easily point your mouse on the image and it will gradually show you the full image with a great size.

[appbox chromewebstore nonjdcjchghhkdoolnlbekcfllmednbl?hl=en]

The Best Productivity Extensions in 2017

34. Grammarly

Grammarly is the world’s best grammar checker and special for any kind of write ups. Here the writers will get the best options on each single word with synonyms and etc. This can easily resolve about 150 kinds of critical grammar issues and its advanced version deals with the topmost English. This extension is an ease of access and there is no other better choice for writers rather than Grammarly.

[appbox chromewebstore kbfnbcaeplbcioakkpcpgfkobkghlhen?hl=en]

35. Auto Text Expander

This is a text expander which works smartly for several aspects. It doesn’t need you to type very much, but it easily expands the little snippets into full forms in a frequent manner.

[appbox chromewebstore iibninhmiggehlcdolcilmhacighjamp?hl=en]

36. Assistant.to

This is a proper accessory of Gmail and Google Calendar which assists the users to contact people, create best possible meetings and all just with an easier way.

[appbox chromewebstore ndddjdifcfcddfdgedlcmfjamionaago?hl=en]

37. Project Naptha

People who are eager to copy any texts from images or willing to edit it, Naptha make this possible for them. Naptha makes the texts in image well editable and you can easily copy the characters and even change it into other languages.

[appbox chromewebstore molncoemjfmpgdkbdlbjmhlcgniigdnf?hl=en]

38. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is an exceptional time controller, which lets you set up the time limit of using each site in Chrome. Like if you want to do the Facebook maximum of one hour a day, then you can fix the time spending on Facebook and after completing your one hour StayFocusd will never let you access this site on that day.

[appbox chromewebstore laankejkbhbdhmipfmgcngdelahlfoji?hl=en]

39. Timer

This is a very general time showing extension which helps you to focus your real timing on the internet. This even works when Chrome goes offline.

[appbox chromewebstore hepmlgghomccjinhcnkkikjpgkjibglj?hl=en]

40. WikiWand

About a lot of people stream with Wikipedia for getting information, but many of them don’t find the Wiki interface looking very attractive. But after installing WikiWand this will make Wiki looking interesting and wonderful for you by optimizing a lot in its mainstream designing.

[appbox chromewebstore emffkefkbkpkgpdeeooapgaicgmcbolj?hl=en]

Extensions for Videos in 2017

41. Media Plus

Media Plus is highly useful for those who love to watch videos online. When we use the normal interface we don’t get the limits to customize the screening and other controls. But by MP you can easily control over a lot of attributes and make it even double in size while watching and also can download it.

[appbox chromewebstore emaamodndfmmmcjepfigalbjjjemadom?hl=en]

42. Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Action works near about like the same as Media Plus, but it is specially optimized for the YouTube interface. With a lot of extraordinary features, MA has also the HD and cinema modes which make your experience better with YouTube.

[appbox chromewebstore abjcfabbhafbcdfjoecdgepllmpfceif?hl=en]

43. MakeGIF Video Capture

If you find any video which will stand great with no sound and especially as a GIF then this extension can help you to make online videos to GIF formats. This extension captures the video first and works on it to make it a GIF.

[appbox chromewebstore cnhdjbfjheoohmhpakglckehdcgfffbl?hl=en]

44. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper supports a huge number of sites and allows you to download any online video from them. But this extension doesn’t work as a YouTube downloader.

[appbox chromewebstore lmjnegcaeklhafolokijcfjliaokphfk?hl=en]

Chrome Best Tab Extensions 2017

45. Dayboard

The Dashboard helps the users to turn on the new tabs into the to-do list which represents top five items on the next agenda.

[appbox chromewebstore kimodcegbhclamjcbifgfaldeengbgij?hl=en]

46. OneTab

Users who open too many tabs for their requirements, they don’t think that this activity can slow down their chrome. But while using OneTab, users will easily be able to save all the attributes and other aspects. It has also some special features which let the users get the best utilization from chrome.

[appbox chromewebstore chphlpgkkbolifaimnlloiipkdnihall?hl=en]

47. Empty New Tab Page

It work is very simple and just by one click this extension in chrome will let you empty your recent tab and open a new one in the existing.

[appbox chromewebstore dpjamkmjmigaoobjbekmfgabipmfilij?hl=en]

48. Momentum

This is a well-optimized interface for tabbing purpose. Here the user will get good inspiration and beautiful images in the background and even useful texts which will enhance your experience with chrome.

[appbox chromewebstore laookkfknpbbblfpciffpaejjkokdgca?hl=en]

49. VerticalTabs

Users who users a lot of tabs and if they feel quite embarrassed to handle all these, they can easily take VT for granted and use its tools to place the tabs in a vertical drop down menu and access with more ease of control.

[appbox chromewebstore okpnlgbgcfchbicbhjmmhldhkbkfilce?hl=en]

50. TabCloud

This one is interesting, like if you are using a lot of tabs instantly and wants to get all tabs in the same condition after closing the browser the TC is here to help you! This extension can save all those tabs and simultaneously open them after re-launching the system. This even can get interlinked with the android handheld.

[appbox chromewebstore npecfdijgoblfcgagoijgmgejmcpnhof?hl=en]

These are the best Google Chrome Extensions of 2017. People who want to get connected with the top most extensions they can instantly try there preferable one from here today itself. I hope among the 50 options, many of you found a lot for your real-time using. Visit again for more updates. Stay Connected.