50 Best Chrome Apps for 2017

Best Chrome Apps to use in 2017. Chrome apps are web apps which are available in Chrome web store. The major advantages of Chrome apps is that it can be reached out to much wider users, can be used for any operating system and also can be used in mobiles. There are both free and paid apps in web store. Here are the lists of top 50 Chrome app of 2017.

Chrome Apps for Productivity

1. DocHub

It is an Offline app for Productivity which is used to alter PDF by editing, signing, and sharing. The App allows users to merge any documents and reorganize the pages. It has tools for editing, management of page, advanced PDF features, templates for documents and it’s sharing, security and signing features.

[appbox chromewebstore adgncicbhbjfpijkdmbijninnhnmiblj]


It is a Task Management app used by millions of users to keep records of things they have to do. The users can attach notes, files, and these are used to help them plan their schedule. The reminder function enables users to keep their things in the pocket.

[appbox chromewebstore ocgddccilgpeepgglnlpchkpgamkgmld]

3.Click&Clean App

It is one of the best Creative Tools App which protects your data and prevents anyone from tracking your online activities. As soon as Chrome gets closed, the app removes all the browsing history thus increasing the speed of your system by providing more space in your hard disk. The app also checks for any malware threat on your computer.

[appbox chromewebstore pdabfienifkbhoihedcgeogidfmibmhp]

4.Chrome Remote Desktop

It is an excellent offline app which helps you in accessing another computer with the support of Chrome browser and Chromebook. It is a secure operation through which the connections can be made either for short term or long term. It is a perfect app to use to access your system from anywhere at any time.

[appbox chromewebstore gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmpp]

5.Awesome Screenshot App

It is one of the top rated Offline App for taking screenshots and pictures. The main features of this App include the storage and organization of images or image permanently by topics, sharing of pictures, hiding and erasing unnecessary information, and a footnote with different shapes like circle, rectangle, arrows, etc.

[appbox chromewebstore mfpiaehgjbbfednooihadalhehabhcjo]

6.Google Translate

It is an extensively used app which allows you to translate your content into any language available. The users can either type or speak the contents to be translated, and it shows the result quickly. The app is a better way to know about a new language without any external trainer.

[appbox chromewebstore lndnagggbjmalfgpdinfnjbcmjdjgije]

7.Google Drive

It is one of the Offline Applications of Productivity Apps which is used by millions of users. The App allows users to create, store and share anything they need one application. This app permits the use of 15GB free data and is upgraded till 1 TB.

[appbox chromewebstore apdfllckaahabafndbhieahigkjlhalf]

8. Vysor

It is a widely used Developer Tool Apps used to control your system with Android. Around 100 words are typed per minute on your phone using a computer keyboard and can also work fine with a mouse. It is app which brings your phone close to your system.

[appbox chromewebstore gidgenkbbabolejbgbpnhbimgjbffefm]

9. Gliffy Diagram

It is a widely used Office Applications to create an illustration in a simple way to. You create flowcharts, network diagrams, ERD, UI and more in just one click and save these in formats such as JPEG, PNG. Its cost is lesser compared to Microsoft Vision and is apt for business developments, software development documentations, organizational purpose, etc.

[appbox chromewebstore bhmicilclplefnflapjmnngmkkkkpfad]


It is an app used for storing articles and videos for using later. The stored contents are also available offline with a unique layout style. It is a free App with its Premium version also being available for the users. It was awarded as “The Best Productivity App of 2014” by Webby.

[appbox chromewebstore mjcnijlhddpbdemagnpefmlkjdagkogk]

11. Podio

It is a free task management app used for a team with a maximum of five members. The app is used by many organizations to team up their projects.It have features such as in-built chat, structured work, task management, calendar and can be customized.

[appbox chromewebstore ikfhmmbhaifchbdlhlfcoildocgmbleb]

Business Tools Apps


It is an app in the corporate sector with robust features to bring your work team in one place. The app allows you to message, sent files directly to a group or individually with ease. It is a free app, and Premium versions with additional facilities are also available.

[appbox chromewebstore jeogkiiogjbmhklcnbgkdcjoioegiknm]

13. Salesforce

It is one of the Sales and CRM apps which redirect the users from Chrome browser to login page of Salesforce.com. The CRM flow can abridge your experience with standard workflows, analysis of real-time data, which is synced with different contacts on LinkedIn, which make your work experience better. It is only a third party app which redirects the users to the website, but it is one of the easier ways to interact with Editors’ Choice CRM platforms without going from the browser.

[appbox chromewebstore ooaoeobbhfgkohkegpbidjjnkhjfccao]

14. Insightly

Insightly is one of the powerful Sales and CRM app used for small business purposes. The app is free for the first two users forever. The vital features of this app are calendaring events and tasks, connection with Gmail contacts, Google Apps, and Google Drive which helps in conduct management.

[appbox chromewebstore hkopngnjabiaaibfkfgjhgdfpoholppn]

15. Pipedrive Sales CRM

It is an apt app for small business ventures with a long sale cycle and needs many people’s  help to complete the project.The app attractive feature are its two-way sync with Google Contacts and Google Calendar, system recording system for all the business collaborations, easy data import, tools for reporting and forecasting and data files which are customizable.

[appbox chromewebstore oofakdmdcdjgmilfepadallikeeibfdm]

16.Zoho CRM

It is one of the many apps of Zoho Corporation’s which is available in the Chrome web store.  The app helps the users to automate the sales and marketing in an easier way and to ease the communications with the contacts. It is an app with no contracts, and you can pay for it according to your usage.

[appbox chromewebstore kigppphkaknhndejgcmckacpipcioacn]

Social and Communication Apps

17. Hootsuite

It is one of the popular Social Networking application for users who would like to expand their business venture through social networks. It is a free app and Premium version is also available for much more intense work. It helps the users to engage with the audience and listening to them, analyze your performance and collaborate with the team for developing your complete workflow.

[appbox chromewebstore kneloppijbcidgidihgdjnooihjcdbij]

18.Gmail Offline

Another very useful Email and Contacts App used by millions of people. It is used to receive, send and search your emails without the need for internet access. It is a fast application which keeps your messages when your internet connection is slow or not available and sends it immediately when the connection restarts.

[appbox chromewebstore ejidjjhkpiempkbhmpbfngldlkglhimk]

19. TweetDeck

Twitter is one of the most happening social media available in the present market. TweetDeck app by Twitter allows the user to tweet with your schedule and it also helps in collecting, organizing, creating the tweets during the particular timeline. It is a perfect platform for all the entrepreneurs to analyze their area and work according to that.

[appbox chromewebstore hbdpomandigafcibbmofojjchbcdagbl]


It is the mostly used Chat and IM apps by millions of users worldwide. The features of this incredible tool allow the users to have groups with 150 people, video calling facilities in a group of 10 people, message, snoozing ability, notifications even when you are not in chrome. It does not have an invisible option in their app.

[appbox chromewebstore knipolnnllmklapflnccelgolnpehhpl ]

21. Uber Conference

It is the one of the award winning app available in Chrome. The main attractive features of this app are PIN’s are not necessary, share the screen, visualize the caller, see the social media networks used by the participants, can mute the background sounds, can easily add new members to a call during the teleconference.

[appbox chromewebstore nhhfpdlccblfofockeabmalggfhelcgj ]

22. WhatsAppTM Messenger

By using the WhatsApp on your phone to scan, the code on the website, the messages, and contacts of your WhatsApp is displayed on your desktop screen. It helps you in working on your desktop and just changing the tab to see the WhatsApp messages than each time getting your phone to see it.

[appbox chromewebstore infelompnbbancffeibkenmdbbmpoged]

Creative Tool Apps

23. Volerro

Volerro is another widely used app for teamwork.The app can manage Microsoft office, Adobe documents, multimedia files such as image, audio and videos, and also contents of webpages. It can be also used to collect team review, comments, and annotation. It is free and premium versions are also available for extensive use.

[appbox chromewebstore jfjchbdiinhhnlaplcecboanllengiec]

Apps for Entertainment

24. OverDrive

It is one of the best Books App for book lovers out there. The app allows the user to stream through many eBooks. The app has also feature to make a wish list, to synchronize different libraries, to bookmark your priorities. The app also has an extensive collection of audio books also in its kit.

[appbox chromewebstore khbomakcekgkeidpmdgkcnnmcbighkcl]

25. VideoStream

It is one of the best Apps which can run offline and enables you to watch your downloaded videos in any format with the help of Chromecast. The app is user-friendly, supports the use of subtitles, supports TV with Android facilities, streaming of downloaded video at 1080 p and also supports 3D videos also.

[appbox chromewebstore cnciopoikihiagdjbjpnocolokfelagl]

26. Polarr Photo Editor

It is the best Photo App available in Chrome used by professional photographers. The app also run offline and has stupendous features for editing your pictures. The main attractive feature of this App is its simplicity of its use and ease of editing.

[appbox chromewebstore djonnbgfieijldcieafgjcnhmpcfpmgg]

27. Pixlr Editor

It is one of the Photos App for editing and enhancing your photos. It is very easy to use with no downloading needed and has storage facilities for all pictures and images. Some features of this tool include HDR and glamour glow filters, spot healing, drawing, red eye reduction tools, levels, and curves adjustment facilities.

[appbox chromewebstore icmaknaampgiegkcjlimdiidlhopknpk]

28. SoundCloud

If you are a musician, then this one of the best apps to help you in showcasing your potential. The apps help in recording, uploading and sharing sound It is available freely, and also premium version is available for those who needs the advanced features to show their talents. The SoundCloud also allows the users to share their creativity through social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook with just one click.

[appbox chromewebstore ipebkipbeggmmkjjljenoblnfaenambp]

29.Kindle Cloud Reader

It is an Amazon app, which helps a reader to browse through millions of books available in their store. It will be a refreshing experience for all the book lovers out there. The app has features such as altering the font size, color, highlighting, attaching notes, bookmark, and search and also once the book is downloaded it will be available offline.

[appbox chromewebstore eidmeomeandibmjodiebnhjlnmpoenph ]

30. Songive

It is a perfect app to store your playlists from YouTube and to play it. You can search for your favorite songs which you were not able to find in Radio, LoveSpotify or it is a substitute for your YouTube downloader.

[appbox chromewebstore dpnpmgndpambijpadoflcjonkakfdnca]

31.Webcam Toy

It is literally a toy to add fun elements to your photos taken with the web camera. You can also use it offline if you can download it completely while you were online. There are over 80 effects to enhance your photos and project it in a funny way.

[appbox chromewebstore lfbgimoladefibpklnfmkpknadbklade]

Apps for Education

32.My Study Life

It is a Teachers & Admin Tools used by both students and lecturers to manage their work in an easier way. It helps in storing home works and planner for classes and exams in an efficient manner. It works offline and keeps tabs on the upcoming events in the calendar.

[appbox chromewebstore mnjdjjiobjicmlhnjlogfgbibihjhkeo]

33.Google Classroom

Another Teachers & Admin Tools used by teachers to improve their interactions with their fellow students. It helps teachers in organizing to create and work on their teaching strategy, to keep tabs on each student’s performance in a much easier way. Students are also able to evaluate themselves and see their progress through the academic period.

[appbox chromewebstore mfhehppjhmmnlfbbopchdfldgimhfhfk]

34. VoiceNote II-Speech to text

It is an App which helps in converting the voice to text. It works offline and can be worked with a dictionary and also a notepad. The App allows the use of different languages as input, has facilities to punctuation’s, editing your recordings with the help of a dictionary and redesigning the themes.

[appbox chromewebstore hfknjgplnkgjihghcidajejfmldhibfm]

35. Duolingo on the Web

It is a perfect language learning applications available in Chrome. The advantage of this app is that it does not disturb your learning ambiance with silly advertisements ad has facilities to translate text to the language of your choice. The users can learn languages such as German, Spanish, and four other languages.

[appbox chromewebstore aiahmijlpehemcpleichkcokhegllfjl]

36. GeoGebra Math App

For all who finds Maths and its calculation to be tough, here is a perfect app for you. It helps the users to calculate the functions, statistics, calculus, etc. It can be used to learn all these functionalities in a secure and reliable way.

[appbox chromewebstore bnbaboaihhkjoaolfnfoablhllahjnee]

Utilities Apps


It is one of the originally used apps for accessing your Instagram within your hand reach with a single click. The app allows the users to share their photos, videos, posts without directly going to the site. It is one of the fast moving Apps and is perfect for all the social freaks out there.

[appbox chromewebstore ckfodmdjoieacjmchfpedcnooafmbfcd]

38.Journey (Diary, Journal)

Are you a regular diary writer? Do you feel you need something new for your journals? Then you can install this cool app to feel the new world. You can make a note of the word count, add pictures, track the weather, lock the app, etc. with this simple application.

[appbox chromewebstore jlncjaehedpdoinepaejmlpbmdkgmpog]

39.Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

It is an app which checks your systems connection problems by checking system’s latency, port blocking, and other common issues.

[appbox chromewebstore eemlkeanncmjljgehlbplemhmdmalhdc]

40.Dictionary Instant

It is one of the world’s best online dictionaries which is fast. It helps you in finding the correct word even if you even don’t know the spelling, and also you will be able to study the pronunciation by hearing it.

[appbox chromewebstore hngaklbjlbjhmoilkegninbmpfigheol ]

Office Applications


It is one of the best sharing apps for your office works. This App is used by many multinational companies to organize their job in an efficient manner. The main attractive features of this app are its mode of sharing files and documents in a secure way, ability to edit and remove the files anywhere at any time and also its capability to connect with other apps such as slack, Office 365, etc.

[appbox chromewebstore dikonaebkejmpbpcnnmfaeopkaenicgf]

42. DocuSign

It is an electronic signature app to send any important emails quickly within 1 minute. The users can send the mails with e-signature from Google Drive, Gmail and store them in Google Drive. It also has the time stamp feature available to help you in checking the time when the signers open, view and sign their documents.

[appbox chromewebstore goblijolcnempeilmnkmfbhohlpngemd ]

News and Weather Apps

43. Feedly

An app which can be used for publishing your blogs, research on the market, watch YouTube videos, dig deeper into any leading publications. The app has features such as organize your contents of interests, reading and saving for later, sharing and searching your personal contents. The app can also be connected with Evernote, Onenote, and Slack.

[appbox chromewebstore hipbfijinpcgfogaopmgehiegacbhmob]

44. WeatherBug

It is a weather forecast application available in Chrome widely used. The app gives information regarding current weather, weather forecast, about any alerts in the climatic conditions. It also has a weather tracking window, Maps to find your location, live weather reports for your area, etc.

[appbox chromewebstore njkkjobcechefaoknodniidfjapgfoco ]

45.Good News

If you want to personalize your news, then it is the best app to use. With a list of languages available, the users can log in using their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. One can choose from the topics or can create their lists with different display mode, and can also share the news on social media.

[appbox chromewebstore deegloljmdbfbjhlimieancmcfombgjj]

Lifestyle Apps

46.Google Finance

It is one of the best Money Apps available in Chrome. The users can get information related to stock market, financial updates, and currency rate. One can organize their charts based on their financial needs and according to the stock exchange rates and can share these details.

[appbox chromewebstore fcgckldmmjdbpdejkclmfnnnehhocbfp]

47. Gojee

It is the best app for those who love to cook. You can find all kind of recipes from the world’s best food analyzers here. The pictures talk a thousand words, and this can be the inspiration for you to explore your kitchen for an exciting mouth watering food at your dining table.

[appbox chromewebstore ajebcmdcgoggdncokkbdifohckmfpgnb]

48.Amazon India Offers

If you are a lover of online shopping, then this app should be there in your web store. The app notifies you immediately when a new offer is displayed on the site. The users can get up to 50% discount o selected products and also has the facility to apply coupon codes to make your shopping much more cheaply. So don’t waste time, just install it fast and make your shopping easier.

[appbox chromewebstore eioopfpdlennndcndbidobbajjopadid]

49.Google Maps

Google Maps will make your traveling much more easily compared to earlier days. It gives exact location information about any place in this world and also helps you in going to your destination with directions provided on the map. It is an excellent guide who shows you the different routes through which we can go and also provides the shortest distance to reach a place, with time, traffic and other details.

[appbox chromewebstore lneaknkopdijkpnocmklfnjbeapigfbh]


An online version of the holy book Bible, where you gets the perfect feeling of Gods showers over you. The app has features such as Bible versions, reading plans tracking your progress, audio, free access to Bible in different languages. The users can search, highlight, make notes bookmark and also has facilities to cooperate with churches by interaction with them.

[appbox chromewebstore adplcelpohamiijahbaanmoimmnoaiaf]