10 Best WYSIWYG Editor 2017

Top WYSIWYG  Editors for 2017: WYSIWYG is the tool which is used for getting the end result meanwhile creating the process. It is Kind of view by which you can see what you are going to get at the end of the process. To get the results with maximum accuracy you need to get some highly recommended editors. You can get many WYSIWYG editors 2017 from various online sources, but here you are going to get top 10 WYSIWYG editors with the downloading links.

The top ten WYSIWYG Editors are:

1. NicEdit


NicEdit is a WYSIWYG editor which has proved an option of the other large and more difficult to use WYSIWYG editors. It is very small in size and easy to use. The user can use buttons for making the process shorter.

Download NicEdit

2. TinyMCE

If you are searching for a JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG editor which should be an open source WYSIWYG editor, then this software is made for you. It comes with customizable features which are very useful.

Download TinyMCE

3. CKEditor

CKEditor is completely useful and provide a great performance. Editing features of this software can be compared with MS Word and other Office software. It offers a bunch of great features.

Download CKEditor

4. YUI Rich Text Editor

YUI Rich Text Editor turns into a WYSIWYG editor with fully functioning facilities. It is available in many different versions. It comes with easy to use features.

Download YUI Rich Text Editor

5. MarkItUp

It is one of the best WYSIWYG editors which comes with the simple user interface, by which you can turn the text area into markup which you want. Very basic features are available in this editor, which are very not much tough to understand.

Download MarkItUp

6. FreeTextBox

If you are trying to get a WYSIWYG editor especially for ASP.NET, then your Quest ends up here. Theme and looks of this editor are a bit similar to Microsoft Word. It is a free software available for you.

Download FreeTextBox

7. MooEditable

MooEditable WYSIWYG editor has the ability to provide a great experience of working, it has less number of features but still, it is a very useful and easy to understand software.

Download MooEditable

8. OpenWysiwyg

OpenWysiwyg is a rich editor which can perform almost any kind of text editing you want. It provides functional buttons by which a user can use it easily, it is very easy to handle. However, it is not supported by Chrome.

Download OpenWysiwyg

9. Spaw Editor

Spaw Editor is one of the best editors, which is basically a web-based WYSIWYG editor. It provides different features like any other text editor such as color options and functions of making paragraph etc. are available in this editor.

Download Spaw Editor

10. jHtmlArea

jHtmlArea is the Last editor of this list. It is a lightweight and simple WYSIWYG editor. Although this editor is very simple but highly recommended by the experts.

Download jHtmlArea

All the editors mentioned above are fit to perform the editing job you want. So, don’t be confused and get one of the above editors for your task according to you need and nature of the job.