10 Best Virtual Machine 2017 for Windows/Mac/Linux

Best list of Virtual Machines(Virtualization Software) 2017 for Windows, Mac and Linux: The society we live in has developed in innumerable ways. Computers have taken over every inch of our life. Computers provide us so much of information that it helps us keep abreast of current affairs at all points of time. The computer has become so close to us that not a single day in life passes without using the same. We feel so comfortable with computers owing to the different types of operating systems that make it function in an efficient way. Let us have a look at 10 best Virtual Machine of 2017.

The top ten Virtual Machines are:


VMware is one of the pioneers in Virtual machine arena. The seamless integration this application offers in integrating with all types of platforms makes it one of the best application among the similar ones in the field.

Download VMware

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QEMU is free software available for the users to install the same on their computers to work on more than one operating system. Basically a boon for Linux users, QEMU is an open source application that can be customized by users to suit their needs.

Download QEMU

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Virtual Box

Virtual Box is an amazing virtual machine application that switches between operating systems on the host desktop. The multi-screen resolution capabilities and 3D virtualization it supports is highly appreciated in the industry making it one of the best Virtual machines of the decade.

Download Virtual Box

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Parallels Desktop 11

Parallels Desktop 11 is a unique virtual machine which cannot be equaled when it comes to MAC users the best Windows experience. Parallels Desktop 11 also supports Solaris operating system and Linux operating system in an unparalleled manner.

Dowload Parallels Desktop 11

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Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a freeware virtual machine from the world famous Apple brand. It supports Windows, OS X on all MAC systems.

Download Boot Camp

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Windows Virtual PC

Windows Virtual PC provides strong support to users who are hardcore Windows fans. Windows Virtual PC stands alone in the list of virtual machines.

Download Windows Virtual PC

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Hyper-V which was basically introduced in the previous decade to support Windows Server 2008 is one of the best Virtual Machine applications of the decade.

Download Hyper-V 

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Oracle VM Virtual Box

Oracle VM Virtual Box is one of the excellent virtual machine options for beginners. This virtual machine supports various operating systems like Linux, Windows, Solaris and OS X.

Download Oracle VM Virtual Box

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VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion is more of fusion ware software that helps run Windows operating systems from a MAC system. It is one of the VMware packages which has unique features.

Download VMware Fusion

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XenServer, one of the established open source Virtual Machine applications is available free of cost. It supports installations of basic operating systems.

Download XenServer

Even as laymen, one time or the other, we think of changing the operating system when we hear about something better from hardcore techies. This is possible without changing your hardware but by just downloading virtual machines. Hope the information we have provided above helps you do that