10 Best Video Conferencing Software 2017

Best Free/Paid Video Conference Tools for Windows and Mac 2017: As the advent of human civilization, man has discovered various aspects which are very much useful for him in his day to day interests. Globalization has resulted in the formation of the global village because of which every luke and corner of the world is reached.

One of the major forms of communication is video conference which is helpful to see people from any part of the world and communicate with them. Given below is the list of top ten video conference software for the coming year 2017.

The top ten Video Conferencing Software are:

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most used professional software of all the time. Known for its quality service and network, Skype has been popular throughout the world. This software is owned by the company Microsoft Corporation. Skype is known for its free video and voice calling service which provides network without any interruption. The software is available both for the smartphones and computers for free.

Download Skype

2. iChat

iChat is a special video conference software which is carefully designed for MAC. This software provides video calling and voice calling on your MAC device. The special feature of this software is that it lets you video call three different users at a time. The only con of the iChat is that it’s not available for Android or Windows.

Download iChat

3. ooVoo

ooVoo is one of the platforms where you can chat with 12 different users at a time and the current number of users of this particular App is more than 35 million. ooVoo is one of the popular choices of the users because of the various benefits we get from the App such as recording the whole video chat.

Download ooVoo

4. Google Hangouts

This is one of the trustworthy video chat software developed by the Google which is known for its quality and security. The software lets you talk to ten different people at the same time.  All you need to have is a simple Gmail account to access to this App and most the Android phones have this App built in it.

Download Google Hangouts

5. Facebook Video Chat

This is a video calling platform developed by the Facebook. This provides you a place where you can chat with any person from your friend’s list who is also enabled with the video chat App.

Download Facebook Video Chat

6. Viber

This video calling software is available for all Windows, MAC and Linux and also Android. This is a free video calling App which is known for the high-quality video calling and also voice calling. All you need to have is a mobile number to start using this software.

Download Viber

7. Imo Messenger

IMO is a free chatting and video calling software for both PC and your mobile phone. It can be used on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android and many other platforms. It allows you to send free texts and calls throughout the globe.

Download Imo Messenger

8. Face Time

This is a video calling App available exclusively for MAC and iOS and recently it was even made available for Windows. Free texts, voice calls, and video calling are the prime features of this software.

Download Face Time

9. Line

The Line is one of the recent software developed in the field of video calling. It’s available for iOS, MAC, Windows, Android and other platforms too. This App isn’t a free app but charges very minimal price for its service.

Download Line

10. Tango

The best aspect about this software is that you are introduced with mini games which you can play during the call. This App is available for almost all platforms and is excellent in case of quality.

Download Tango

Thus, this is the list of the top best video conference software for the year 2017. Hope you will be able to reach your beloved one from different part of the world using these software.