10 Best Video Compression Software 2017

Best List of Video Compression Software to reduce file size in 2017: Making a video from high definition camera or high-quality mobile phone is always enjoyable but sometimes when we try to send those videos to any family friend is a bit hard because of its large size. So, to send those videos very easily, we need to use video compression software. Although you can get many video computer software 2017 through various sources, but here you are going to get top 10 video compressor software. So let’s have a look.


The top ten Video Compression software are:

Blaze Media Pro

Blaze Media Pro is a video compression software but it has also a quality to convert audio and video files in desirable format. It has a huge list of the format in its database such as MP3, WAV, WMA, MPEG, AVI, OGG etc.

Download Blaze Media Pro

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Sorenson Squeeze Video Encoder

Sorenson Squeeze Video Encoder is a professional video compression software. It has a great ability to compress the video without losing the quality and to convert video format from one to another.

Download Sorenson Squeeze Video Encoder

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Total Video Convertor

Total Video Convertor is one of the oldest video converter. It can convert almost all kinds of audio and video files formats one to another video file format. It is most popular video converter, which can do tasks of playing videos, cropping and converting very easily.

Download total Video Converter

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STOIK Video Converter

STOIK Video Converter is used for video conversion and compression. It also performs tasks for video processing and enhancement. Anyone can make clips of videos very perfectly by this video converter and compressor.

Download STOIK Video Converter

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3D-DCT Video Compressing Software

3D-DCT Video Compressing Software is an advanced video compression software which used the latest video compressing technology 3D DCT. It can easily decrease the size of video without losing the quality. It is very simple and easy to use.

Download 3D-DCT Video Compressing Software  

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iSkySoft Video Converter

iSkySoft Video Converter is the video compressor which has designed for MAC OS basically. It has a Window version also, which can be used on PC. It has a very easy process to convert or compress the video from any file to video format for mobile too.

Download iSkySoft Video Converter

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Popwire’s Compression Master

Popwire’s Compression Master another video compressor specially designed for MAC user. It is very powerful video compression software which is available in $950 but the user who wants to use this software can get it for free for 30 days.

Download Popwire’s Compression Master

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SWiSH Video 3

SWiSH Video 3 is used for compressing the flash video format basically but we can use this software to convert the format of video. It is very useful, simple and easy software and available at very low cost.

Download SWISH Video 3

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VIDEOzilla Video Encoder

VIDEOzilla Video Encoder is most popular and considered as most powerful video converter and compressor. It supports almost all kind of video formats it has separate buttons to perform conversion another task and very easy to use.

Download VIDEOzilla Video Encoder

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Riva FLV Encoder and Video Compressor

Riva FLV Encoder and Video Compressor is one of the advanced video compressor which can work for FLV file format very nicely it can turn your bigger size video in very less size.It is available for completely free.

Download Riva FLV Encoder and Video Compressor