10 Best USB Protection Software 2017

Best USB Protection Software for 2017: As the day to day activities started involving more and more technology-related aspects, security and privacy became one of the major concerns worth bothering about. Every computer needs a protective software which will work as the immune system of the computer by stopping the unknown foreign attributes entering the computer. Since preservation of data is one of the important things, it should be safeguarded from various forms of potential threats. Given below is the list of top ten USB protection software for the year 2017.

The top ten USB Protection software are:

1. USB Flash Security

This software is known for providing 4 GB capacity drive. This application is for Windows and it allows you to have a password with encryption and decryption for the drive. This software consumes less space but is highly beneficial in keeping your files confidential.

Download USB Flash Security

2. Secure Stick

This software can encrypt more than 4GB and is compatible with all Windows and versions of 64 bit too. This software consumes less space and it doesn’t need any permission from the administrator and it can run on its own account.

Download Secure Stick

3. Cryptainer LE

This encryption software works not only on your pen drive but also on your hard disk. It creates 100 MB partitions where the files can be encrypted and kept. Even though the process seems complex but it’s really user-friendly software.

Download Cryptainer LE

4. True Crypt

This is a very efficient, time-saving and user-friendly tool which is highly used for the USB cryptography. This application has a number of encryption algorithms which makes it safer than any other applications. People who choose to have very high security for their data should use this particular tool.

Download True Crypt

5. DiskCryptor

USB flash drives, CD ROMs, hard drives are the storage devices which can be encrypted using this particular tool. It is supported by both fat and NTFS system. You can choose a password of your own and then we can encrypt the drive. Thus it serves as a great App for people preferring high security.

Download DiskCryptor

6. Remora USB Disk Guard

This particular tool used 128-bit encryption algorithms to encrypt data and keep its safe and secure. Because of its user-friendly interface, we can easily encrypt files, folders and use your own password to encrypt the USB.

Download Remora USB Disk Guard

7. Free USB Security

This particular software uses the password provided by us to encrypt the drive. It is highly recommended for the act of hiding a particular file. It uses a password to encrypt the drive and the capacity of this file is more than 4GB. This user-friendly application is highly recommendable.

Download Free USB Security

8. Rohos Mini Drive

This particular software is used for creating a mini partition on your drive which is then protected by the password. It is a small application but is highly effective and efficient.

Download Rohos Mini Drive

9. USB Safe Guard

This particular App has the drag and drop features which will encrypt the files on the USB drive. This is a portable encryption software. The software comes in both free version and also paid version. And the premium version supports much more than 4 GB.

Download USB Safe Guard

10. Kakasoft USB Security

This is one of the simple and effective tool highly recommended for the beginners. It uses a password to encrypt the drive and it’s completely safe and provides total security.

Download Kakasoft USB Security

Thus this is the list of top ten USB protection software of the year 2017.