10 Best Typing Software 2017

[Typing Software 2017] Either its a old type Writer or the modern smartphone, typing is the same and Nowadays every organization, institution or even individual use computer to perform their task and work. You have to be good in typing while you use a computer because computer keyboard has so many shortcuts and if you are in a writing field then you must have a great command on typing. Here you will get top 10 typing software 2017, let’s have a look.

The top ten typing software are:

1. UltraKey 6

UltraKey 6 is a typing software which is golden award winner software for typing. It provides you an error-free typing with full of accuracy. Although this program will not provide an instruction regarding numeric keyboard but still is the most recommended software and very useful.

Download Ultrakey 6

2. Typesy

This is another typing software which is a paid software and will lose your pocket with $40.16. Typesy is basically a cloud-based software which offers you limitless user support and can perform on multiple devices.

Download Typesy


3. Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum provides a rapid speed of typing because of its shortcuts and latest technology. It provides an instructor which tells you about more typing tricks. You can learn typing to increase your speed by the provided typing games in an enjoyable way.

Download Typing Instructor Platinum


4. GS Typing

GS Typing is a two in one typing software which will help you to type and also plays a role of a typing tutor. This software can be used by many numbers of people. It supports many languages but there is no customer support provided by this software.

Download GS Typing


5. KeyBlaze Typing

If you want to improve your typing skills then you should try for KeyBlaze Typing software. It tells you how to type, how to use shortcut keys of a keyboard. It motivates you to learn to type and tells you about various tricks of a keyboard.

Download KeyBlaze Typing


6. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing provides you a complete tuition of typing. It will give you around 330 exercises and make you able to practice more and more in typing.

Download Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 


7. All the Right Type

All the Right Type is a way by which you can be a master of typing. It provides you a bunch of activities by which you can improve your typing and skills. It’s not a free software and has an online platform.

Download All the Right Type

8. Master key

Master key offers a bunch of different usual exercises by which one can start as a beginner and can be a professional in typing. This software has no customer support but still considered as a good typing software.

Download Master key

9. Typing Quick

As the name showing typing quickly, so it is understood that this software provides you a quick and easy typing. It comes with a various useful tool which can track and improve your progress.

Download Typing Quick

10. TypingMaster Pro

TypingMaster Pro is the last and a bit unique typing software of this list. It tracks your typing speed and offers a great list of tools which help you in typing.

Download TypingMaster Pro

Learning and being perfect in a typing is up to the user. Above software will help you to learn and type rapidly. Choose one and use as per your needs.