10 Best Text Editors for Programming 2017

Top Programming Text Editors for 2017: Text editor plays a vital role in editing the plain text file basically. A text editor works with the motive of editing the text for programming.

Here you need to know that a normal and simple text editor can edit the text and perform it’s formatting but text editor for programming is a bit different.

You are going to get top 10 text editor for programming 2017 in the above list. Go for it.

The ten best Text Editors for Programming are:

1. Brackets

Brackets is a well-known text editor which is widely used nowadays. It is completely free and awesome simple text editor basically designed for MAC users. This distinguishes text editor is able to extract the text files and saves the time of programmer.


2. Text Wrangler

Text Wrangler is a popular text editor which can be considered as the first choice of programmers, especially who uses MAC. It is free from the hardcore tools of programming and difficult protocols. It is very easy and understandable with its instructions.

Download Text Wrangler

3. BBEdit 11

BBEdit 11 has designed by Bare Bones which is a well-known and created many text editors in the previous time. This program has a bunch of great and useful features such as manipulation of text, searching, editing on advanced level etc.

Download BBEdit 11

4. Text Mate Editor

Text Mate Editor is one of the best text editor and first choice of programmers. This tool has the ability to perform in the greatest way when it gets command in UNIX.

Download Text Mate Editor

5. Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text Editor is a stronger text editor among all, which comes with the great and impressive features. It is easy and simple to use text editor than others.

Download Sublime Text Editor

6. Atom Text Editor

Atom Text Editor is one of the advanced text editors of this list and has added recently. According to a survey of online voting it has more votes from people. It provides code folding, multiple panes, and a bunch of other useful features.

Download Atom Text Editor

7. Textastic

Textastic is known as a versatile text editor which comes with something more. It has firstly designed for Apple users basically and has a great ability to edit the text for programming. It comes with the purpose of editing the text in the very textastic way.

Download Textastic

8. Ultra Edit Text Editor

Ultra Edit Text Editor has introduced by IDM computer solution. It has a name of established organization which is perfect in developing text editors and software. It supports C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML.

Download Ultra Edit Text Editor

9. Code Runner 2

Code Runner 2 is one of the best and useful tool but not free. It has designed for the one who is a dedicated programmer. It has versatile quality and features.

Download Code Runner 2

10. MAC Vim Text Editor

MAC Vim Text Editor is a famous for its best graphical user interface. It comes with a full package of useful features. It provides a different kind of themes and backgrounds.

Download MAC Vim Text Editor

So here we have listed the top 10 text editor for programming, versatile, powerful, must use and all-time favorite text editors. You may get much different text editor but rather get a disappointment due to lack of features just try the one mentioned text editors and perform well.