10 Best Statistical Software 2017

List of Top Statistical Software for 2017: Are you experiencing considerable difficulties analyzing client conduct or other statistical information? You don’t need to have considerable experience with statistics just to comprehend your information since there are multiple software’s available in the market. Here is the list of the best of 2017.

What is Statistical Software and its Importance?

Statistical software is specialized PC programs for examination in statistics and econometric. These are primarily utilized as a part of the business that requires a lot of analysis and manipulation of data.

Top ten Statistical Software:

1. IBM SPSSibm-spss

SPSS boasts an enormous selection of graphical alternatives and logical capacities which can be utilized as a part of breaking down research and business information. This free statistical tool can utilize any sort of information to make graphs, plots, organized reports and patterns.

Download IBM SPSS

2. Minitab 16

With a boundless number of worksheets, rows and up to 4,500 sections, Minitab is one of the statistical tools that can deal with a colossal measure of information. This premium programming costs $1495 for a solitary interminable client.

Download Minitab 16

3. RapidMiner

It is free GUI measurable programming which is valuable in information analysis. This product has the essential capacity to extract, transform and load (ETL). It’s different capacities incorporate information mining, information examination, approval and representation of information,

Download RapidMiner

4. Rattle

It is an open-source statistical tool which is basically utilized for information mining GUI. When information is input, Rattle will display them in both visual and factual synopses and in this way, deliver graphical representations of information.

Download Rattle


Turned out to be valuable in analyzing business patterns, STATISTICA can accomplish more than that. It is an extensive tool for a wide variety of data administration, examination, perception and information mining. This free programming has more than one million clients around the world.


6. CoStat

Another effective statistical tool for information control and analysis is CoStat. CoStat can break down various sorts of information including degrees, date, time, content, floating data, and numerous others.

Download CoStat

7. Statistix

It is a premium statistical tool which can be utilized to dissect data sets of up to one million cases and 1,000 factors. It can play out an extensive variety of statistical investigation.

Download Statistix

8. SAS

The free SAS Software is a valuable tool for financial analysis and time series. You can utilize it for testing the theories of a solitary or a system of the condition.

Download SAS

9. Data Deck

It is valuable for information exploration and for giving a graphical show of connections, examples, and special cases. This statistical tool can perform quick data investigation of more than one million data sets.

Download Data Deck

10. JMP Clinical

This statistical tool has different applications in the medical field. In clinical trials, it can be utilized for extortion location and data quality observing, design revelation, and result anticipating.

Download JMP Clinical

Utilizing the right tool can help you comprehend your information and make them relevant in your basic leadership. Consequently, pick one as per your need.