10 Best Secure Messaging Apps 2017

Apps for Secure Messaging in 2017: The environment has become digital nowadays and we are using Technology for even communication. Communication Technology such as messenger or other chatting software, but this kind of software are not 100% secure for your messaging.

The top ten secure messaging Apps are:

Here you are going to get 10 best secure messaging Apps 2017 by which you can talk to your dear ones through messages with a very secure manners.

1. Threema

Threema is a first Switzerland-based company which is a leading brand of making messaging Apps with very secure manners and available on Google Play. This app can be downloaded on Windows app store also. You can share photos and videos through this App along with messages.

Download Threema

2. Signal

The signal has introduced by Whisper Systems and best to use the App for Android and IOS. If you are in a search of best secure messaging App then this application can be the end of your search,by which you can enjoy your messaging.

Download Signal

3. Gliph

Gliph is one of the best and most secure messaging application nowadays. It is available on App Store and Google Play Store. You can use this application on the desktop as well. You can share your videos, photo etc. through this App while enjoying the messaging.

Download Gliph

4. G Data Secure Chat

G Data Secure Chat is specially designed for Android operating system as it is the best secure messaging App for Android. It is free and used by many countries. This open source software provides a technical support 24/7.

Download G Data Secure Chat

5. Wickr

Wickr is the messaging App comes with great security features. This App has made for Android and IOS but can also be used on Linux. This is a superb App for secure messaging and comes with the versatile features. You can send videos, photo voice messages for free by using this App.

Download Wickr

6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a well-known software nowadays and most popular application being used by the almost entire world. This application is available for Android operating system. This App free to use.

Download WhatsApp

7. Surespot

If you are interested in an easy to use and high feature chatting application with great security then this App has specially designed for you. You can enjoy plaintext through this App.

Download Surespot

8. Ceerus

Ceerus is a free secure messaging application available on Google Play and Windows App store. This application offers great features along with an end to end encryption in videos, voice messages and text.

Download Ceerus

9. Pryvate

Pryvate is a great App for an end to end encryption and provides a bunch of very useful features. For instant messaging and sending voice calls, this application can be the right choice.

Download Pryvate

10. ChatSecure

As the names suggesting, this application is speaking by itself that ChatSecure is a secure application for messaging. You can share your message, videos, audios, and even files.

Download ChatSecure

The entire list of messaging application are made by the rank and features availability.   One can use according to the needs and desires. This list is a bunch of very famous and popular secure messaging application which are available for free on the various platform.