10 Best Secure Browsers 2017

Best list of Secure Browser for 2017 with better private browsing and security options to protect your privacy online. Cybercrime is a risk that is haunting many web users far and wide. It’s all depends on how secure is your web browser, and also its interesting to see browsers taking over chrome when it comes to security.

NSS labs recently reported that according to their tests, Edge Browser stands out to be more secure than chrome.To provide protection against cyber crime here is the list of the best of 2017.

You should also prefer using a VPN tool to avoid tracking while browsing

What are Secure Browsers?

These are the browsers that hides all information from any intrigue like your personal information, bank details and much more. These browsers are widely used in industries where security is the primary concern.

Top Ten Secure Browsers:

1. Opera browser


It is familiar to many, and the dominant part uses it to surf the web. It loads and blocks content as per its privacy policy. Opera doesn’t gather much insights on clients like different browsers do.

Download Opera

2. Chromium Secure browser

It is the best if you need to hold all the branding, go back to the basics and keep of all the security. On location space approval, malware filtering, secure DNS, tracker blocking, and SSL are some of the best components.

Download Chromium Secure browser

3. Aviator

It is one the best secure program that will expand security permitting you to browse the web without being traced. The best part is that the program launches itself in a private mode by default which is a reasonable confirmation that protection is its task.

Download Aviator

4. Epic Privacy browser

This is accessible for Windows and OS X. The interface of this program is more like a Google Chrome. Epic takes out all launches to expand the security of the client as all treats and trackers get blocked after each session.

Download Epic Privacy browser

5. Tor browser

It is the best secure program to the individuals who need to conceal their specification and personality from the most went sites. It likewise edges you from trackers, advertisements, and awful treats.

Download Tor browser

6. Maxthon

It is accessible on about each platform, including mobile. It’s intended to help you browse safely wherever you are. While you can use their cloud administrations to store records, favorites and form data, their security components are what separates this program from the rest.

Download Maxthon

7. Dooble

An innovative component is that all client content can be encrypted utilizing different ciphers and a passphrase. Another fascinating component is to set security, for instance, private browsing, for every tab using the right-click option.

Download Dooble

8. HTTPS Everywhere

A browser plug-in rather than a browser as such, HTTPS Everywhere is an EFF/Tor extend that upholds SSL security wherever that is conceivable in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Download HTTPS Everywhere

9. Cocoon browser

Based on a plug-in design, Cocoon is an intermediary VPN-like administration in which the client sign into its server utilizing a created account, and logs out after performing any browsing.

Download Cocoon browser

10. Ice browser

It is a Firefox-only plugin that offers a similar security highlights as Cocoon, however, routes activity by means of servers in Iceland.

Download Ice browser

Pick the best security browsers as per your need and which is easy to use.