10 Best Screen Sharing Software for PC 2017

Best List of Screen Sharing Software 2017: Screen sharing is the technology which makes the learning process very easy, also it helps those who want to get some information visually from another place. Sometimes it is a bit hard to tell anyone about any software, computer setting or any task to perform on Windows through voice process or telephonic communication medium etc.

In that case, we use screen sharing, by which anyone can share his screen and get very clear information. Let’s have a look on the top 10 Screen Sharing software for PC 2017.

The top ten Screen Sharing Software are


Crossloop is the software which can be used for both the purpose such as screen sharing tool and remote access tool, it depends on the person who wants to operate your system. This screen sharing software can be performed on Windows and MAC.

Download Crossloop

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Mikogo is similar to the above application of screen sharing. It also can be used for both of purposes such as screen sharing and remote access. This software support MAC, Windows with very excellent performance. It has a function to involve multi-persons at a time.

Download Mikogo

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ShowMyPC is the screen sharing software which is widely being used these days because with the great performance and features it has a simple user interface. The user can run this software on MAC and Windows also it is compatible with Linux.

Download ShowMyPC

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MingleView is a software used for screen sharing and based on Windows, which is available for free and no upgrade charges. It has a bunch of great features which make this software a professional screen sharing software.

Download MingleView

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Live Look

Live Look is quite similar to the above software but this is a web based software which can be used online, there is no need to download this screen sharing software. This software is very simple and easy to use.You have to create an account to use this software.

Download Live Look

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ScreenLeap is also a web based software. It provides a very easy platform to share your screen.It has excellent functions with straightforward commands.

Download ScreenLeap

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SkyFex is an online tool for screen sharing purpose. Downloading is not required to use this software. According to the experts, this is the best screen sharing software which comes with very simple features and awesome user interface.

Download SkyFex

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Yugma SE For Skype

Yugma SE For Skype is basically a screen sharing software which is better for video conferencing. This is used by business professionals and corporates for performing a great teamwork. It can be integrated with Skype and has a wide range of features.

Download Yugma SE For Skype

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VYEW is a screen sharing software with the great features such as custom branding, telephone conferencing VOIP and many more features which are totally free. It is very easy to use and has a great user interface.

Download VYEW

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Team Viewer

This is one of the oldest screen sharing software used by almost all companies, individuals and business professionals. Although we have a great list of screen sharing software these days but TeamViewer is still one of the best.

Download Team Viewer

All the software mentioned above obviously has some pros and cons but overall they are excellent in their working you have to decide the software according to your need and nature of the job.