10 Best PTP 2017

Most Excellent List of PTP for 2017: Various PTP sites pay diverse rates depending upon traffic quality and tally different traffic sources. Here is the list of the best PTP of 2017.

What are PTP and its Importance?

PTP (Paid To Promote) sites are websites that can help sending web traffic to and procure cash. They give special link called as the promotional link, which can be used in multiple ways. A typical utilization of PTP locales is to adapt Autosurf traffic.

Top 10 PTP are:

1. Rotate4allrotate4all-portada

Here PTP connection is equal to your referral interface. You can get acknowledgment for up to five visits per person every day. This is unique in relation to some PTPs, which just give kudos for the main visit every day.

Download Rotate4all

2. Promo-Earn

This PTP has a direct PTP connect. The rate is $0.30 per 500 points however not each guest is justified regardless of a full point. Autosurf activity is particularly allowed however you should conceal the referrer.

Download Promo-Earn

3. Simply PTP

It is somewhat unique since you can make your individual PTP page. For instance, one could generate a PTP page that lists some online projects you utilize. At that point when you route traffic to your webpage, you gain cash and get information exchanges for projects.

Download Simply PTP

4. PTP24

This is a strong PTP program that acknowledges Autosurf activity. The direct link doesn’t count numerous hits. But the second alternative of placing banners would work better as compared to 1st option.

Download PTP24

5. AdzBux

This PTC site has an option which can provide advancement payment. The “best PTP” program works in three payment levels relying upon the nation that the traffic begins from.

Download AdzBux

6. AdsPtp

It is a mutual income promoting system; the rate shifts as per the salary earned by AdsPtp from these individuals. With AdsPtp sponsorship, you procure half of the points of your referrals.

Download AdsPtp

7. MediaCPM

Another advertising system that permits Autosurf activity. On the off chance that you don’t have a site, they likewise give a PTP interface that you can simply send traffic directly to.

Download MediaCPM

8. Frame PTP

If you have your own site or blog, you can put their JS code on your webpage, on the off chance that you don’t have a site you can get your special promotional link and send traffic to your link.

Download Frame PTP

9. Skillerz PTP

Skillerz Paid to Promote framework is simple. Once signed in, you can get to your link. Share your Paid to Promote link on the web, your site, gatherings, online networking or with your companions. All insights are redesigned progressively.

Download Skillerz PTP

10. Surf4cash

It is PTP site, which additionally gives standard labels to website admins. After a free enrollment, the client will have an access to banners. With every view, banners will create points, which will be changed over into money, toward the end of the month.

Download Surf4cash

Select one and start earning your extra income within few clicks.