10 Best PHP Frameworks 2017

PHP Frameworks 2017: Top PHP Frameworks to download in 2017 include Cakephp, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony and few more frameworks. PHP is a standout among the most famous web programming language and has been utilized by a huge number of today’s sites. The reason behind why PHP is so well-known is its intelligent components, extraordinary HTML and database combination support and simple to learn. Here is the list of the best PHP framework of 2017.

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What is PHP framework and its Importance?

Nowadays developers need to build complex sites and web applications that require an excessive amount of time, subsequently came the requirement for a more organized regular method for improvement. PHP systems furnish engineers with a sufficient answer for that.


The top ten PHP framework are:

1. CakePHP

It is a PHP framework that supports version 4 or above. It is easy to learn with fast and adaptable templates. The incorporated CRUD is a helpful component in CakePHP for your database cooperation.

Download CakePHP

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2. Laravel

It is the most prominent PHP systems utilized by designers today. It has an immense environment with an instant deployment and hosting stage. It makes fast application development conceivable. It highlights with Blade template engine, simple authentication, great routing, migrations support.

Download Laravel

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3. CodeIgniter

It is a free PHP framework. There are numerous components that CodeIgniter provides, for example, easy error handling, no PHP adaptation struggle, simple security and encryption steps, nearly zero installation and has rich inherent libraries and assistant.

Download CodeIgniter

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4. Symfony

It is an adaptable, versatile yet intense PHP frameworks for MVC application. There are a lot of reusable PHP segments that can be utilized like Template, Translation, Security,Form Config, Validator and much more.

Download Symfony

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5. Phalcon

This framework offers the best speed. At the point when bench marked with other prominent systems, it has the speediest time and most reduced memory utilization. This happens because it was built with C/C++ for performance advancement reason.

Download Phalcon

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6. Zend

This Framework is scalable. It has a web-based training and accreditation which make it famous and utilized by a lot of big business associations. With its OOP and design patterns consistency, you can without much of a stretch broaden custom classes and utilize just what you require.

Download Zend

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7. Flight

It is an extensible PHP micro-framework. Flight has a direct documentation which makes you simple to learn it even you are a fledgling. It is a straightforward and restful system.

Download Flight

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8. YiiFramework

It is a modern PHP structure with OOP detains framework inside. Other than simple to introduce, it’s additionally very extensible, empowering you to fit what you require. There are a few instruments that can help you effectively tune your web application for better execution.

Download YiiFramework

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9. Zikula

It is a free open source PHP system. Zikula is all around coordinated with the well-known Font Awesome 4 and Bootstrap 3 structure.

Download Zikula

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10. Slim

It is a lightweight smaller scale structure for PHP. It’s worked with extraordinary routing framework and spotlights on restful API with all HTTP strategies support.

Download Slim

The best recommendation is to utilize just what you consider the most fitting and simple to learn system for your project.