10 Best Open Source Video Editing Software 2017

best list of Open Source Video Editors to use in 2017: Need a simple to utilize, free and feature-rich editing tool that helps you to alter all regular video format to share with the world? Here is the list of the best open source video editing software of 2017. check this interesting article by opensource.com on creating interactive videos using free tools.

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Video editing software is observed as being costly – and not without reason. There are unquestionably bunches of expensive editors out there, however, there are likewise free alternatives for novice movie makers of all levels.

The Top 10 Open Source Video Editing Software:

1. VirtualDub


It is a capable free video editing programming for Windows with numerous astounding elements, for example, compression, video part, and the expansion of soundtracks.

Download VirtualDub

2. Wax

It is a superior and adaptable video editing program which is useful for both home clients and experts. It can be utilized as a stand-alone application, or as a module to other video editors.

Download Wax

3. iMovie

If you’ve quite recently purchased your first Mac, then you won’t have understood that it comes with an essential video editor called iMovie. This is Apple’s own product and comes as a component of the iLife suite.

Download iMovie

4. Lightworks

It is an expert video editing that became open source in the year of 2010, providing a free version alongside a paid Pro version for the individuals who require a little more.

Download Lightworks

5. Avidemux

It is a free video editorial tool intended for straightforward cutting, shifting and encoding task. It underpins different video format. Be that as it may, the UI is exceptionally specialized that many individuals think that it’s difficult to utilize.

Download Avidemux

6. FFmpeg

It is a paid video editing tool for Windows, yet an accumulation of free tool that can record, change over and stream computerized sound and video, including libavcodec. It can alter up to 256 video, sound, and still picture clips.

Download FFmpeg

7. Cinefx Jahshaka

Jahshaka is the first OpenSource Realtime Editing and Effects System in the world. With the power of OpenGL and OpenML, it gives users exceptional levels of performance. It currently supports Linux, OS X, Irix and Windows and is considered one of the best free video editor for Windows.

Download Cinefx Jahshaka

8. ZS4

This Video Editor is another extraordinary free video editing tool that furnishes media specialists with a facility to join photographs, recordings, and sound documents into at least one output file.

Download ZS4

9. Movica

It utilizes some fine programs to alter your videos and gets great notoriety. The keyboard shortcuts make video editing simpler than ever before. It gives clients extraordinary levels of performance.

Download Movica

10. Kdenlive

Famous for its compatibility with OS like Linux of which it’s one of the better video editors, plays pleasantly on OS X because of the assistance of MacPorts. As a free video editing tool, it has batch processing abilities for managing huge quantities of documents.

Download Kdenlive

Dig deep into our list before choosing one that perfectly suits you.