10 Best OCR Software 2017

List of Foremost OCR Software to use in 2017: Basically, OCR software is used for conversion projects such as conversion of text, image, or PDF etc. The software is mainly used by data entry operators or by the one who has data entry job. It has become a very important part of many data entry projects jobs and now it has become a trend of using OCR software. Although you can get a different kind of OCR software through online sources but to use this kind of software in data entry projects, it is a bit necessary to get software which can provide hundred percent accuracy and functionality. Here is the list of best OCR software for 2017. Get the best one according to nature of your job and perform well.

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Below are the best OCR software: 

1. Nuance Omnipagenuance-omnipage

Nuance Omnipage is one of the best OCR software and rich in the features. It supports table, retail original layout, export multiple output, batch processing, and multiple languages. This software has the ability to get connected with HTML, Word, and Cloud.

Download Nuance Omnipage

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This software has a great number of features and has an ability to work with the save document and scan document also. This software has pros and cons. It has very strong OCR but it supports very less number of languages.

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

3. ABBYY Fine Reader

ABBYY Fine Reader has a great feature of supporting many languages than the previous OCR in the list. This OCR can handle PDF file document especially electronically generated and it has a bunch of interesting features. ABBYY Fine Reader can scan a barcode and price tag etc.

Download ABBYY Fine Reader

4. ReadIris

This application is a well enough to understand the designs of any documents, images present in the document and the great advantage of this application is, it can recognize a great number of languages.

Download ReadIris

5. Power PDF

Power PDF is another OCR which can recognize around 130 languages. It is able enough to convert images, digital documents. It is integrated with HTML, Word, and Cloud.

Download Power PDF

6. ABBYYPDF Transformer

This is one of the best OCR software which has a great number of feature and functions which are necessary for any OCR conversion. It can perform the conversion task on mobile, digital Documents and scan documents.

Download ABBYYPDF Transformer

7. Soda PDF

Soda PDF supports batch processing and able to convert mobile device images, digital and scan documents. This version only supports PC.

Download Soda PDF 

8. Presto PageManager

This is very simple and easy to use OCR but with its simplicity, it comes with fewer features and it recognize less number of languages. But best suited simple OCR Projects and the simple OCR tasks.

Download Presto PageManager

9. Creaceed Prizmo

Creaceed Prizmo is another OCR which can work on the scanned image, camera image or images captured by Smartphone, also you can import images while using this OCR.

Download Creaceed Prizmo

10. Evernote/Microsoft OneNote

This is the last software of this list which is very easy to use. This is best for the short term and small jobs and not made for large projects.

Download Evernote/Microsoft OneNote

All software mentioned above, have entire qualities and feature which an OCR needs. Use them according to the nature of your job.