10 Best HDR Software 2017

Best list of free and premium HDR Software for 2017: While phones and cameras now incorporate inherent HDR modes, to catch dazzling HDR pictures like those found in magazines you require an awesome camera and unique special software. Here is the list of the best of 2017. According to TheVerge you can now publish HDR videos on Youtube, So if you are a publisher then this list of HDR software will help you get a start creating and editing HDR videos.

What are HDR Software and its Importance?

High- Dynamic Range imaging (HDR) is the quickest growing and maybe the trendiest new technique in photography. By combining a few pictures with various exposures, the photographic artist can catch scenes which are beyond the dynamic scope of their camera.

The Top 10 HDR Software:

1. Aurora HDRaurora-hdr-logo_400x100_lofi

It is by a wide margin the simplest HDR tool accessible in the market. The program is brimming with alternatives with a wide range of elements that make it simple to create a one of a unique look.

Download Aurora HDR

2. Easy HDR

The product is snappy and simple to learn. The UI is straightforward and easy to work. It makes spotless and delightful HDR picture.

Download Easy HDR

3. Photomatix

It is considered as best HDR tool by many people. It is an incredible software for making HDR pictures. If you utilize it right, you can make some astonishing photographs.

Download Photomatrix

4. Oloneo HDR

Another simple to use HDR program with a lot of elements and settings. It has a ton of alternatives which is easy to utilize. Delivering innovative and artist photographs may be troublesome however for a sensible picture this is the best.

Download Oloneo HDR


This HDR programming produces extremely natural looking HDR pictures. This program is not suggested for extraordinary HDR search but rather ideal for unobtrusive results.

Download SNS HDR

6. Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC, the most recent version of Adobe’s well-known application, incorporates an inherent element for altering HDR photos. The outcomes are great, the pictures are fresh and incredible looking, and the product’s familiar interface makes it simple to utilize.

Download Photoshop CC

7. Luminance HDR

It is a free application offering a surprisingly huge scope of components for beginner and expert picture takers. Although its focus is HDR, Luminance can be utilized to complete an extensive variety of simple photograph altering tasks.

Download Luminance HDR

8. Darktable

It is an intriguing application. Totally open source, this product is a great choice for picture takers interested in dealing with their RAW photography documents and delivering amazing pictures in the meantime.

Download Darktable

9. Picturenaut

The interface is easy and simple to utilize and yielded good results utilizing default settings. It would be a decent decision for the individuals who would prefer not to get into the insides of a product when making an HDR picture.

Download Picturenaut

10. Canon HDR

This photograph altering tool comes packaged with most Canon devices. To make it run you need to have the latest version of the software.

Download Canon HDR

HDR is the standout amongst fascinating styles in modern photography. Select one from above and start learning.