10 Best Free Virtualization Software 2017

[Free Virtualization Software] Most modern PCs are sufficiently capable of running the whole OS inside your primary working operating system, which implies virtual machines are more common today than ever before. Here is the list of the best free virtualization software of 2017.

What are Free Virtualization Software and its Importance?

Virtualization will help you in growing the hardware assets which you are having without requesting one to move information and tool from one framework to other. It also helps in reducing your IT costs dramatically.

The top ten free virtualization software:

1. VirtualBox

It is given for free from Oracle as a virtualization solution for both enterprise and individual use. It’s additionally accessible on every significant platform, and elements plain-content XML documents for simple route.

Download VirtulaBox

2. VMware

This has been a solid player in the virtualization space for a long time now and they are sufficiently decent to offer a free taste of their virtualization tool VMware Player.

Download VMware

3. Hyper-V

Microsoft gives Hyper-V to free, however obviously, your need to license your version of Windows. Customer Hyper-V permits you to empower and install Hyper-V straightforwardly through desktop variants.

Download Hyper-V


It is a capable virtualization device for Linux machines. QEMU does not require administrator access to run, making it a flawless possibility for building thumb-drive based convenient virtual machines.

Download QEMU

5. Parallels

Although best known for the Mac version of their virtual machine, Parallels likewise runs virtualization on Windows and Linux. Parallels offers clipboard sharing and synchronization, shared organizers, and straightforward printer options.

Download Parallels

6. KVM

This is the fully open source from RedHat and it does all the cool stuff as well. In any case, as Hyper-V with Linux, KVM has limits with virtualizing Windows. KVM’s fame has truly been climbing on the list of virtual machine programmings because of its prosperity with OpenStack.

Downoad KVM

7. XenServer

It is prevalent open sources virtual machine programming that was procured by Citrix. It is accessible for free however you can purchase the full version too. It’s an effective solution utilized as a part of numerous enterprise environment for facilitating servers and desktop working frameworks.

Download XenServer

8. Q

Another open source virtualization programming for Windows. You can utilize this product on Mac and Linux working frameworks alongside Windows PCs. Q permits one to effortlessly change from visitor to have working framework without rebooting the PC.

Download Q

9. Xen

If you are having an x86 framework and need to utilize virtualization programming for windows 8 then you can utilize Xen.

Download Xen

10. Virtual Iron

You can utilize this product both on Linux and Windows working frameworks. The product will work both on 32 and 64-bit working frameworks for free.

Download Virtual Iron

These virtualization choices permit you to run standalone operating system occurrences on your PC for free. Pick one as per your need.