Best Games on Facebook 2017

Best Games to play on Facebook 2017: Every individual in this era of Internet is totally into the social media apps to make sure that he is up to date with every happening in and around the world. Social media not only provides a platform to meet different people from all around the world but also to perform various activities with them like games and Apps. Facebook is one of the leading social media Apps which is a very good platform for people to meet each other and also to play games online. Thus, given below is the list of top ten Facebook games for the year 2017.

The top ten Facebook games are:

1. Candy Crush Saga

Every person using Facebook or not using Facebook might have tried playing Candy Crush at least once in the previous years. This game has around 50 million users and the game seems really addictive and interesting. The game involves clearing the level by bursting the candies and the difficulty level increases with increase in the level. The game has other editions such as soda saga and many other.

Download Candy Crush Saga

2. Criminal Case

This is one amazing detective game which has over 10 million players globally. You might have played this game or at least you might have received a criminal case solving request from your friends or strangers because the game involves solving a murder case which later leads to next level and next.

Download Criminal Case

3. 8 Ball Pool

This is one of the classical pool games which has around 10 million users on Facebook. This is more like a simulation of normal pool game but is really addictive and interesting. You can play it with your friends who are online.

Download 8 Ball Pool

4. FarmVille 2

This is a farming game where you are supposed to develop your farms and protect it and it’s related to various aspects around farming. This game involves crops, animals etc.

Download Farmville 2

5. Texas HoldEm Poker

This game is about the poker which takes place in a Casino where you can play at any table or you can play it via Facebook. There will be ranking according to your performance.

Download Texas HoldEm Poker

6. Pet Rescue Saga

This game is all about saving the pet animals which has been caged or captivated. They provide limited moves so it’s essential to be careful while making the move.

Download Pet Rescue Saga

7. Dragon City

This is a must play game for all those adventurous fantasy lovers. You are required to build a dragon city to collect and grow dragons.

Download Dragon City

8. Clash of Kings

This particular game is one of the very famous games with over 1 million users all over. Basically, this is a strategic game with attacks and heroes.  The whole agenda of the game is to become the greatest king.

Download Clash of Kings

9. Clash of Clans

This game is aimed at developing your tropes and attacking your enemies and also this game is one of the highly addictive games ever. The game has been played by millions of people worldwide.

Download Clash of Clans

10. Angry Birds

It’s a game which involves the revenge story of the birds on the pig because the pigs previously stole their eggs. This game has space, seasons and many other versions.

Download Angry Birds