10 Best Employee Monitoring Software 2017

Employee Monitoring in 2017: We bring you the best software to manage and monitor your company’s employees in 2017. Running a business is a tough job. Particularly when it comes to managing many employees across various departments, management faces a huge problem. In many organizations, managements have a separate department called HR to monitor the performance of employees.

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However, HR also comprises of humans and so assessments pertaining to other employees may sometimes go wrong or biased. Such mistakes or biased approach by the HR or managers of other departments may be a costly one in the long run to organizations’ overall health. This will have a direct impact on the revenue aspect of the business affecting the profit margins.

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CMonitoring the employees to enhance business performance is an absolute necessity in today’s competitive world. Let us have a look at the top 10 best Employee Monitoring Software available in the industry today.

The top ten Employee Monitoring Software are:

1. Veriatoveriato

Veriato is Employee Monitoring software that supports transparent as well as silent and remote monitoring. The rich features incorporated in this application helps the management monitor individual performances on a periodic basis.

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2. NetVizor

NetVizor ranks 2nd when it comes to employee performance monitoring and is loaded with advanced features that support such monitoring. The application monitors employees both when they are idle and are busy while working on computers connected to the organization’s servers.

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3. StaffCop

StaffCop is an excellent employee monitoring software that allows complete monitoring while employees are on the company’s network. The application does not support usage of USB drives. Attendance tracking feature is not inbuilt in this software.

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4. Workexaminer

Workexaminer provides such extensive monitoring tools to organizations that after installing the same, organizations can rest assured of performance enhancement. The application tracks movements of files between computers including removable pen drives.

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5. Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is an excellent employee monitoring tool. It efficiently tracks all the websites visited by the employees. It also tracks the files saved and shared by them across the network and through the pen drives.

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6. Pearl Echo Suite

Pearl Echo Suite is a bit different from the other employee monitoring applications. While the application does not track the files shared by the users, it allows blocking of websites that the management want to be blocked.

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7. IMonitorSoft

IMonitorSoft is a high capability employee monitoring application that has complete control over the activities of employees. It not only tracks the employees activities but also exercises full control even over their mouse movements and keyboard touches.

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8. InterGuard

InterGuard is not an application that runs on the organization’s server but can be accessed online hosted by the creator’s servers. An administrative account is given to each organization which enables this access to them.

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9. OsMonitor

OsMonitor is an employee monitoring software that can help the management block employee access to websites or even categories of websites. This application does not monitor printing and file sharing activities of employees.

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10. Refog

Refog employee monitoring application offers ease of installation and use for both the management and the employees.

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