10 Best Desktop Search Software 2017

Leading List of Desktop Search Software for 2017: Organizing the files very neatly on the computer is always be an easy way to work on, especially when we need to find different log files on a computer, But if we have desktop search software on our computer, it makes this process easier and it saves time. You can get a bunch of desktop search software nowadays, But here you will get top 10 and the best desktop search software 2017, let’s have a look.

Top 10 Desktop Search Software:

1. Alfred

Alfred is a desktop search software. It is basically a combination of few searching features, by which you can launch any App, items or even you can find anything on the web through this software.

Download Alfred        

2. Everything (Windows)

Everything (Windows) is another desktop software. As the name is suggesting “Everything” that means you can search everything you have on your computer. It is easy to use and highly advanced software.

Download Everything (Windows)

3. Quicksilver

Quicksilver is one of the oldest desktop search software. By using this software you cannot only one search the desirable files of your computers but also it can hit your browser history. It has specially designed for MAC Operating System.

Download Quicksilver

4. Launchy

Launchy is an application launcher and file finder. This is also known as a versatile software as you can use this software on Windows, MAC Operating System, and Linux.

Download Launchy

5. Locate32

Locate32 is a small desktop search software but it is highly advanced which leaves an impact on the user. Although it is a new software but it has great features and database, it is very well to locate your files and it can be run on almost all version of Microsoft operating system.

Download Locate32

6. Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search, at once this software was rejected by most of the users but now with the great updates, it has become a strong desktop search software. It can even help you for getting your mail search.

Download Copernic Desktop Search

7. DocFetcher

DocFetcher is free desktop software which a large database of features by which a user gets a quick result in finding the files by just typing the few keywords. It is very useful software to save time and to perform a quick action.

Download DocFetcher

8. Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack has become the first choice for user as a desktop search software. The process of Agent Ransack is very fast and it is best to perform finding the things you want from your computer.

Download Agent Ransack

9. Exalead

Exalead is basically designed for the personal use, for the user who works at home. It is not a totally free software but very fast and provides quick action buttons.

Download Exalead

10. Listary

Listary is a wonderful desktop search application which has a fantastic user interface. It can search your items in the minimum time. It has a bunch of flexible features by which you can search your item, email or anything else.

Download Listary

Searching item, email, and anything through the desktop search software can be the reason of time saving and taking a quick action. All the above lists are well in performing the search operations, the user needs to decide what will be the required software as per their needs.