10 Best Cross-Platform Latex 2017

Best Cross-Platform Latex for 2017: As the man began to civilize, he was always curious about how stuff around him worked. As this curiosity lead him to discover and invent a lot of aspects around him and he named the when process as science. In day to day life, every person who is into the field of research either in science or in mathematics will always have a lot to do in the preparation of his research paper. LaTex is one such application which is highly beneficial for those people who are into the field of research and this will help them to give the graphical representation of data in the form of graphs, equations and etc. Here is the list of top ten best cross-platform latex for the year 2017.

The top ten Cross-Platform Latex are:

1. TeXmaker

This application can be used for Windows, Linux, and another OS. This application is helpful for the creation of various technology related articles, writing of journals and much more. This is a user-friendly application which can be even used by a common man.

Download TeXmaker

2. TeXStudio

This application has too many functions such as multi cursors, reference checking, and interesting fact is that it includes more than 1000 mathematical formula. This user-friendly tool is an open source latex editor.

Download TeXStudio

3. LyX

This tool is a document processor and works on the basis of the structure of documents. It has one of the standard user interfaces which is very much helpful for people who are dealing with mathematics. This tool is highly useful for those writers who are writing academic articles.

Download LyX

4. TeXworks

Another user-friendly tool which is highly beneficial due to the presence of integrated PDF viewer and it is specially made for the MS Windows and also for Linux. It supports source synchronization, preview, and various other functions.

Download TeXworks

5. TeXnic

This particular software has integrated mathematical operation and also symbols. It has also given the privilege to insert tables and pictures. It is free to use for anyone and also it’s a user-friendly software.

Download TeXnic

6. ShareLaTex

This is basically an internet based software where you can edit the documents right from your web browser. It has the presence of around 400+ templates which is built-in. People who are working on science magazines might find this application extremely helpful.

Download ShareLaTex

7. WinShell

This is a free tool for Windows and Linux which is useful for the development of the documents. This tool is loaded with so many features and mathematical tools too. The preview of the document can be done directly using this application.


Download WinShell

8. Overleaf

One of the highly used tools all over the world is this particular tool. Highly trustworthy tool which will make the editing of your documents easy and swift. They are useful because it compiles lab report and many templates.

Download Overleaf

9. TeXpen

Inserting table, images, and various other aspects are the features of this particular tool. They even include PDF preview, auto-completion, and other features. This tool is highly user-friendly and also has a friendly user interface.

Download TeXpen

10. Authorea

Yet another tool which is a compliment of collaboration tool, ready to use a template and document revision. The tool is user-friendly and available for all for free.

Download Authorea

Thus these are the list of top ten Best cross-platform latex for the year 2017, hope that you find it useful and use if for your document preparation of your research paper.